Episode 4: Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia, Indivisible Guide Policy Manager

In just a few short months following the election of Donald Trump, the Indivisible Guide went from being a Google Doc shared among politicos in D.C. to a nationwide movement resisting the Trump Agenda. Many are comparing the tactics encouraged by the Indivisible Guide and the energy it is creating to the early days of the Tea Party.

Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia

Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia is the Policy Manager for Indivisible, helping to guide the group’s response to all elements of the President’s agenda. With at least two Indivisible chapters in every Congressional District, Gonzalo has a very influential role in the future direction of the Resistance movement.

In the fourth episode of Next Gen Dem, Gonzalo and I discuss the specific recommendations of the Indivisible Guide, whether the Democratic Party risks becoming the Party of No, and how to keep up the momentum of the early days of the Trump Administration.

Quote of the episode:

“There are five-minute ways to get engaged and five-hour ways to get engaged. People have to balance different schedules. The most straight-forward one that we forget to do is to just pick up the phone and call. It really does take five minutes to pick up the phone, call the switchboard, find your Senator or Representative and take a stand on these issues. The calls do add up, and they do notice in these offices how many calls they’re getting on each side of an issue.”

For more information on the Indivisible Guide and how to join a local chapter, visit www.indivisibleguide.com

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