Episode 9: Garlin Gilchrist, Candidate for Detroit City Clerk

If he becomes Detroit’s City Clerk, first-time political candidate Garlin Gilchrist will be the man in charge of the voting process in Detroit. Since the city contains the largest block of Democratic voters in the key swing state of Michigan — which has a Gubernatorial election next year and is bound to play a key role in the 2020 Presidential race — even in a local role, Garlin has the potential to shape elections that impact the entire country.

Garlin Gilchrist

In episode nine of Next Gen Dem, Garlin and I discuss ways he plans to combat voter suppression, how to get people excited about state and local elections, how people can help solve problems in their city without running for office, and how to avoid a repeat of what happened in Michigan in the 2016 Presidential race.

Quote of the Episode:

“A poorly run voting system is a form of voter suppression. There is a version of [voter suppression] that comes from Republicans who are trying to pass restrictive photo ID laws, trying to make it difficult for people to vote early, blocking ideas like same-day registration and pre-registration. But there is another form of voter suppression that we can fix by having the right people running election systems.”

If you would like more information on Garlin and his campaign, please visit www.gilchristforcityclerk.com.

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