Jake Mikva, Founder/CEO of GoodWerk (Ep. 14)

With so many millennials beginning to engage in politics for the first-time, it is important to figure out how to channel that energy into political donations. Millennial under-engagement has been a major problem in the past, but Jake Mikva may have found a way to effectively engage young professionals and motivate them to give with his startup GoodWerk.

Jake Mikva

GoodWerk is a PAC that mixes civics, digital media and political giving into a format that encourages young people to get more involved in elections and take political action. Think of it as Schoolhouse Rock meets Gawker meets ActBlue. However you describe it, Jake and his team are producing extraordinary content for our social media feeds focused on key issues that millennials care about. But these pieces are not just news items, they actually provide a way for people to give directly to candidates who align with these issues and who need all the financial help they can get. At scale, GoodWerk has the potential to completely transform the way people of all ages connect with and give to political campaigns.

On Episode 14 of Next Gen Dem, Jake and I discuss how he got the idea for GoodWerk, key takeaways from the recent elections in Virginia, as well as the long-term potential of the GoodWerk platform.

Quote of the Episode:

“Nine billion Facebook action items happened around this election, but only 45% of young people showed up. There’s a disconnect there.”

If you would like to learn more about GoodWerk, please visit https://goodwerk.org/

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