New technology trend: XR Streaming enables data-intensive AR/VR applications to be streamed in real time to mobile devices. This opens up new fields of application for immersive technologies in the IoT environment. Holo-Light Turbine by Simon Toplak (Source: Simon Toplak / Holo-Light)

The Rise and Rise of Immersive Technologies

Photo by Hunter Harritt on Unsplash
Empowering the AR and VR Economy • Holo-Light (



Let’s explore the power of intelligent & humanized IoT and AI solutions! Powered by the IoT experts of the Pan-European project, we will highlight how the next Generation of IoT devices can innovate agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing in Europe.

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IntellIoT is a Pan-European project focusing on the development of human-centered IoT frameworks. At this profile our partners write as guest authors.