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While 2020 has been a challenging year, it has also brought together innovators across the world committed to driving innovation forward for a more sustainable future.

Among them is IntellIoT, one of six research and innovation actions (RIA) initiated by the European Commission in 2020, that concentrate on “Next-Generation Internet of Things” powered by 5G. Comprising a consortium of 13 partners IntellIoT champions the collaborative spirit that is needed now more than ever across Europe.

In this piece, we would like to introduce you to the various members that make up the IntellIoT family, and what unique insights they bring to our pursuit of creating an ecosystem nurturing the development of integrated, distributed, human-centered and trustworthy IoT environments.


At the helm of IntellIoT is Siemens AG, a global powerhouse boasting a long history at the forefront of innovation in Germany, Europe and the world. Since opening its doors as a small workshop in a back courtyard in Berlin, Siemens has dedicated itself to shaping technological evolution for almost 175 years, having presented to the world a host of new inventions and milestones across myriad fields, including electrical engineering, communications technology and automation.

When it comes to IntellIoT, Siemens will harness its strengths in project coordination and technical management, responsibilities which will be held by the organization’s cross divisional research unit, Corporate Technology, which will in turn cooperate with a slew of business units, from those covering digital industries, mobility, health tech, energy management and building technology.

What’s more, Siemens will help broaden IntellIoT’s impact in empowering startups and SMEs to build on and develop new applications at the industrial edge. For further information about Siemens’ role in IntellIoT, feel free to reach out to coordinator Vivek Kulkarni.

University of Oulu

Just as Siemens AG typifies the IntellIoT spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration, so does the University of Oulu enjoy a longstanding reputation as a centre devoted to creating innovation of the future that draws from a multitude of skill sets and areas of expertise.

One of Finland’s largest universities named after a city famous for wood tar, salmon, and which enjoys a spectacular visage of the Northern Lights each winter, Oulu’s prominence as a high-tech centre with a focus on IT reflects itself in the calbre of its experts based at the university.

At IntellIoT, the University of Oulu will leverage the acumen of its Centre for Wireless Communications to enable the production of cutting-edge research results and novel innovations across a range of wireless telecommunications topics.

In addition, the findings and knowledge acquired through IntellIoT will build upon and further expand its expertise in distributed machine learning for wireless communications, while also having synergistic collaboration with the 6G flagship at the university. Those wanting to reach out to IntellIoT’s University of Oulu representative can contact Sumudu Samarakoon.

University of Aalborg

Further south lies IntellIoT’s Danish chapter, Aalborg University, a dynamic and innovative institution boasting over 20,000 students, 3,000 staff and a strong engineering background with close ties to the industry. Ranking among the top universities of its kind worldwide, its department of electronics is one of the universities’ largest and is internationally recognised for its contributions in information and communication technology.

Its efforts regarding IntellIoT will be carried out by the Connectivity section at its department of Electronic Systems — a department that is well known for its pioneering results in the field of Internet-of-Things.

Among the areas of expertise its staff can contribute to IntellIoT, the university is working on using different types of sensors and connectivity modules to develop a blockchain-IoT testbed. Those wishing to reach out to IntellIoT’s Aalborg University touchpoint can contact Beatriz Soret.

University of St. Gallen

Located in scenic Switzerland, in a high-altitude city situated between lake Constance and the mountains of the Appenzell Alps, the University of St. Gallen was founded as a business academy in 1898, and now encompasses a School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs.

Its Computer Science department opened its doors in 2018, creating four initial chaired professorships, including the Chair of Interaction- and Communication-based Systems, which explores interactions among devices and people in ubiquitous environments, focusing on integrating physical things into the Web, alongside making interactions of connected devices intelligible to people.

The University of St. Gallen will coordinate tasks around the Hypermedia Multi-agent Systems (HyperMAS) and support the project’s target use case of human-machine collaboration in manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Those wishing to learn more can reach out to Prof. Dr. Simon Mayer.


France’s award-winning, graduate-level engineering school comprises three departments: Digital Security, Big Data and Communication Systems. Boasting a long expertise in cellular networks (from 2G to beyond 5G).

EURECOM will bring its expertise in 5G technologies and management for the evolution of Next Generation IoT to be applied across use cases. The school actively participates in a host of standardization bodies, and can therefore apply this know-how to IntellIoT, while also enabling equipment and software developed by EURECOM in the context of IntellIoT to be used for future collaborative initiatives and teaching. Reach out to Jérôme Härri for further information.

Telecommunications System Institute

Founded by the Greek Ministry of Education in 1995, the institute operates within the framework of the Technical University of Crete –albeit as an administratively and financially-independent entity –spearheading basic and applied research in telecommunications and allied areas.

At IntellIoT, TSI will invest its energies and resources in enhancing system driver development in HyperMAS’s Interoperability Box, contribute trust-based computing algorithms that discriminate between legitimate and malicious participants in IoT environments, while also offering distributed ledger technology including smart contracts deployed to increase the resilience of IoT ecosystems that also make human-related actions more transparent. Those curious about TSI’s IntellIoT involvement can reach out to Andreas Brokalakis.


Hailing from the island of Cyprus, SPHYNX Analytics LtD — a subsidiary company of Sphynx Technology Solutions AG — offers solutions and consulting services in the areas of big data analytics focusing on providing intelligence for cybersecurity and for healthcare systems and services.

At IntellIoT, Sphynx will apply its cybersecurity intelligence expertise, leveraging a host of innovative enablers to ensure high levels of security, privacy and trust across the IntellIot platform and its various deployments in the context of the project’s use cases. Reach out to George Spanoudakis for further inquiries.

University General Hospital of Heraklion

Founded in 1989, this major hospital in Crete shares a longstanding affiliation with the University of Crete, and covers a population of around 650,000, serving as the referral hospital for the island of Crete and the Aegean islands.

Its department of cardiology boasts the latest technology, alongside skilled physicians and compassionate staff, providing care for abnormalities of cardiac rhythm and conduction, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies, heart failure and heart disease, with the hospital also operating at the forefront of implementing Management Information Systems technology. It is also actively working in the development and advance of research in the sector.

The technical solutions in managing patients with cardiovascular diseases that will be developed throughout the course of IntellIoT’s journey will greatly benefit the University Hospital, where healthcare applications built on top of the IntellIoT framework can facilitate patient recovery, offering an awareness of various important health parameters that can prevent unnecessary hospitalisations, relieving pressure on hospitals in the process. Reach out to Maria Marketou.


The Dutch multinational conglomerate with a history stretching back to 1891, Philips specialises in creating meaningful healthcare innovation.

A leader in cardiac care, acute care, digital pathology and home healthcare, Philips has devoted itself to the pursuit of driving a shift to value-based healthcare that reduces cost and increasing access. Another healthcare issue Philips has zeroed in on is that related to aging populations across the globe and the rise in chronic conditions and how this has brought about a shift in creating lower-cost settings at home: A direction that fits in with the core of Philips’ values.

With its strategic priority to deliver intelligent AI-driven solutions in healthcare and support customers to offer high quality and value-based care, Philips will explore the results of the project in multiple ways, leveraging the technological results in distributed AI algorithm development, data harmonisation and clinical decision support applications for the existing businesses in population health and chronic disease management, alongside taking care of the ethical requirements in healthcare, too. Reach out to Anca Bucur for further information.


The world’s largest privately-owned company for development, simulation and testing technology of powertrains for passenger cars, trucks and large engines lies in Austria. Its powertrain engineering division activities are focused on the research, design and development of various powertrains in view of low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise and improved drivability.

At IntellIoT, AVL will contribute to the integration of an IoT firmware platform while also providing a tractor for the development of remote-control demonstrator in the agriculture use case. The company hopes to positivity impact all its well-known agricultural machine vendors worldwide through solutions developed during the project, helping pave the way for enabling (semi-)autonomous IoT applications in the agricultural domain. Reach out to AVL here.

Holo-Industrie 4.0 Software GmbH

A trailblazing tech company based in Munich that is recognised for their work developing Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions for enterprises, Holo-Light are also pioneers in tackling the biggest challenges in fully actualising the potential of AR and MR.

While having received accolades for their revolutionary input device Holo-Stylus, they are also highly-regarded for rendering 3D content remotely on edging computing systems and 5G infrastructures with low-latency data transmission.

Through IntellIoT, Holo-Light can leverage its expertise in human-machine interaction via Mixed Reality (AR/VR) applications in combination with its Holo-Stylus pen, targeting a greater array of commercial sectors than otherwise possible. Reach out to Carina Pamminger.


The joint-venture company of TTTech Computertechnik AG and HYDAC International, and headquartered in Vienna, with an additional site in Brixen Italy, boasts a broad experience in commercial production projects within the area of electronic control systems in challenging conditions. The company is also an internationally recognised centre in the area of mobile electronics, electronics control units and related software in the Off-Highway industrial domain, delving reliable electronic control units and display to the Off-Highway community and to the farming sector.

With IntellIoT, the company will apply its expertise in Electronic Control Units, electronic visualization units and human machine interface units in the off-highway domain, alongside its broad experience in commercial production projects within the area of electronic control systems in challenging conditions regarding their environment. Contact Martijn Rooker for further insights.

Startup Colors

The Berlin-based innovation agency specialises in startup consulting, innovation strategy and ecosystem building. Run like a startup, the team has worked with over 2000 startups and brings a broad, international network of technology startup into IntellIoT as well as experience in Open Call management.

Throughout IntellIoT, the all-female Startup Colors team will lead communication and coordinate the Open Calls as well as dissemination and ecosystem building activities, creating a strong footprint in the IoT ecosystem.

Startup Colors has especially deep roots in the sectors healthcare and smart city. Since 2019, Startup Colors manages the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator investing 1.6 million Euro in the development of Digital Healthcare. Contact the Project Lead Kristin Bauermeister.



Let’s explore the power of intelligent & humanized IoT and AI solutions! Powered by the IoT experts of the Pan-European project, we will highlight how the next Generation of IoT devices can innovate agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing in Europe.

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