Knicks Broadcaster Trolls NBA MVP Vote By Giving Stephen Curry 5th-Place Vote

In case you missed it, Stephen Curry won the NBA’s MVP award in convincing fashion. That is, if you factor in the heated debate over who was more worthy candidate this season: Curry or James Harden. Curry racked up 100 first place votes, four times that of the Rocket’s shooting guard. LeBron James rounded out the Top 3 as the only other player to receive any first place votes (five).

Debating the merits of either players’ campaigns is fine, but what is most certainly not up for debate is the lunacy of Curry’s lone fifth place vote, courtesy of MSG Network’s Mike Crispino. The Knicks’ radio play-by-play man bumped Curry to fifth in favor of Marc Gasol, to whom he gave a fourth place vote — Gasol’s only vote across all ballots.

Crispino isn’t the only voter who submitted a puzzling ballot. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Chris Haynes omitted Harden from his ballot, but claims it was a mistake.

At least his screw-up didn’t ruin a poor, non-basketball person’s day. Another Mike Crispino (Michael J. Crispino, to be specific) — an oceanographer, not an MSG employee — paid the price for the MSG Crispino’s bogus vote.

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