About Podcasts, the Importance of Listening, and a Sustainable and Electric Future

The podcast hype is real. According to Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019, podcasts are on the rise: More than one out of three people have consumed at least one podcast over the last month. Among those younger than 35 years, the percentage rises to 50. But what is it that makes podcasts so popular? The ease of use, the ability to listen while doing something else (such as commuting or exercising)? The authenticity of the podcast experience? Or is it the variety of topics that lets us expand our knowledge in all directions? There are numerous podcasts out there, covering every theme one can imagine: News, politics, crimes, fitness, mindfulness, love, sex, mobility, nature, animals — this list could go on forever. Podcasts enable each of us to get educated, to be entertained, to broaden our horizon, to discover something new — if we just listen.

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The importance of listening: A critical individual and corporate skill

At Porsche, we want to encourage a culture of innovation and a spirit of creativity and ingenuity. This requires not only open-mindedness towards new technologies but also good listening skills — both at the individual level and the corporate level. Listening gets people thinking and sparks fruitful discussion — it is, therefore, key to successful collaboration and teamwork. Besides that, listening plays an important role in innovation: It often begins with a willingness to listen to fresh ideas and new solutions. To understand and learn from one another, it is imperative to pay attention to what others are saying. As a company, we understand the importance of listening to all our stakeholders, but also to the wider market, to developments in science, other industries, governments and on our planet — because we cannot manage tomorrow alone. That’s why we’re broadening our network beyond the automotive industry, cooperate with various startups and work on a sustainable future of mobility.

Introducing ZEIT ONLINE’s „Wird das was?“ Podcast

In March, one of Germany’s top media and well-known podcast publisher Zeit Online launched a new podcast called “Wird das was?” (English: Will that work out?) that explores digital transformation and scrutinizes the impact of emerging technologies. It features guests from across the digital spectrum and seeks to inspire thought-provoking conversations and amplify digital awareness and fluency. The episodes cover topics such as Blockchain and the risks of this technology, data security or air taxis — all around our technological future.


We’re proud to support this new program, whose inaugural episode deals with the future of mobility, vehicle electrification, and new traffic concepts. Andreas Knie, head of the research group “Science Policy Studies” at Berlin Social Science Center and first guest on the show, shares his insights on how new mobility systems will shape the cities of the future and why autonomous driving should begin in the countryside.

Preparing for the Future of Mobility: Sustainable and Electric

The future of mobility is a challenge we’re facing every day at Porsche. With the advent of AI, autonomous driving, electrification, and shared mobility, the way we get from A to B is primed for serious change. The combined impact of these developments will prove to be truly revolutionary and change the face of mobility as we know it. As Anja Hendel put it: We are experiencing an evolution of mobility. And it is up to all of us to use these technologies for better mobility.

To us, this means taking a responsible and trustworthy approach towards people and cities to change the future for the better. This is why we launched our idea competition “Mobility for a better world”: On the intersection of technology, mobility, and sustainability, we’re asking students, developers and individuals all around the world for their visions for a sustainable future. Creative ideas and solutions — regardless of their degree of maturity — can be submitted in the four categories of ‘People’, ‘Wheels’, ‘Cities’ and ‘Trust’ until August 30, 2019.

“Mobility for a better world“ partners and initiators at re;publica 2019

Porsche’s investments in electric mobility

While collecting new ideas for a sustainable future, we must change the way of transport now. While enhancing — not sacrificing — mobility, future generations of vehicles must become more efficient and less damaging to the environment. Transport is now Europe’s biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions. It is responsible for more than 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, and thus a major factor contributing to global warming. In short: We have to bring transport emissions under control.

Therefore, Porsche is heavily investing in electric mobility. Our first fully electric sports car, the Taycan, will roll off the production line this autumn, the production of which is entirely carbon neutral. Series production of the Cross Turismo, an all-electric cross-utility vehicle, was confirmed last October by the Porsche Supervisory Board. By 2025, around half of all Porsche models on the road could be electrified.

Porsche commits to electric mobility with the Taycan and Production 4.0

Our goal is to create a carbon-neutral supply chain across all business segments and to have as little climate impact as possible. That’s why, in addition to investing in reducing greenhouse emissions, Porsche offsets the emissions of the entire corporate vehicle fleet in Germany and the US and also helps customers reduce their own carbon footprints with Porsche Impact.

So, we ask ourselves: Will that work out? Are we going to hold global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and meet the Paris Agreement climate targets? Is Germany going to master the digital transformation? Will we change mobility for the better?

Maybe we’ll find some answers in the ZEIT Online podcast.



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