Exciting Everyone for AI: The AI Festival in Heilbronn

At the AI Festival in Heilbronn people of all ages could experience and understand artificial intelligence. The event showed what is already possible with the technology today and what we can expect from it in the future. That’s why we at Porsche Digital were part of it!

At Porsche Digital, technologies like artificial intelligence are our daily business. Our teams started years ago to explore the strengths and limits of it. With Sounce, we even successfully built a product that uses AI to detect issues when testing mechanical parts. But for many people out there, AI is merely a buzzword — or even a risk. According to a representative study by YouGov in 2021, two out of five Germans are skeptical towards AI.

Of course, technologies like AI must be applied responsibly. However, we think it is also important to take the time to explain it in order to make the functionalities and possibilities transparent. In this way, even people who don’t get the chance to work with AI can get a comprehensive picture and form an educated opinion.

A festival to experience and learn about new technologies just around the corner of Zuffenhausen

Exactly that is what the AI Festival in Heilbronn tried to accomplish. For the first time ever, the event invited people to explore AI on their own. On the grounds of the Wohlgelegen Innovation Park, children and adults alike were able to experience what technology makes possible and reduce common prejudices by taking part in exciting experiments. Who knew that AI could predict your favourite ice cream? Or that AI can spark creativity and help you to create your own artworks? The festival showed in a playful way, that AI is more than what you see in science fiction movies. It is already present in our everyday lives and enables us to express ourselves.

The festival was organized by the Programming School 42 Heilbronn, a cooperation partner of Porsche as well as the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO). More than 2000 people visited the festival and hopefully got a good first impression of AI. Our teams always want to help break down prejudices and at the same time get the next generation excited about technology. After all, it’s a lot of fun to work on the future of AI. That’s exactly what the AI Festival shows, and that’s why we were happy to support the initiative. And maybe, one of the kids that saw the magic of AI in Heilbronn, will one day work with us on the future of it.

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