Fast pace, focus, and great product ideas: The first Porsche Infotainment Hackathon

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Feb 11, 2019 · 3 min read

1000 hours working time, 670 cups of coffee, 1450 snacks, 36 attendees and six teams: These are the figures of our first internal Porsche Infotainment Hackathon, which took place in the end of January at our R&D center Weissach, near Stuttgart.

From Monday to Friday, the Infotainment Hackathon gave us the great opportunity to work in cross-functional teams with our colleagues from IT, Design, Electrics/Electronics, Porsche Digital, Porsche Engineering, and Spoiler alert: We had an amazing week together, created great product ideas, and found out how to make our infotainment platform even better.

The first Porsche Infotainment Hackathon

New perspectives provoke innovations

It all started a few months ago, when Martin — our infotainment guru — had the great idea of organizing a hackathon. Quickly after, Katerina, Ayfer, and Tobias joined the organizing team.

When we first thought about the hackathon, we had three main goals:

  1. To kick off our infotainment platform — we want our colleagues and all developers to love our platform as much as we do! Their feedback gives us the chance to make sure they do.
  2. To form a great, cross-functional, team with our colleagues.
  3. To generate new product ideas that our customers love.

The first Porsche Infotainment Hackathon: An outline

So we made sure our 36 developers had a perfect environment for developing their applications (coffee, snacks, and space!) and started into a week full of coding and networking.

On the first day, our development team introduced the participants to the platform, the user interface concept, and the APIs. Throughout the next four days, we immediately felt the immense focus and engagement in all teams. To take a break from all the coding, we spent two wonderful evenings with the whole group — going karting and having dinner together.

Then finally — on our last day — it was pitch time! Each team presented their ideas and results in front of our engaged jury: Uwe Michael, Thilo Koslowski, Matthias Worch, Rolf Hartmann, Andreas Schmitz, Matthias Zehetmayer, and Steffen Haug.

And the winner? Our jury found all ideas extremely promising and had a hard time deciding. The winning team developed an infotainment application which provides the co-driver with all necessary and interesting information along the route. The second place went to two teams which enabled communities to drive together, and easily locate participating drivers on the map. Other ideas included entertainment programs for children, integrating existing Porsche Apps into the infotainment system, and composing scenarios of multiple automated infotainment actions.

Speed, focus, and fun: Our learnings from the first Porsche Infotainment Hackathon

The feedback we received is at least as valuable as the actual results: Now we know that our platform is a true enabler for our developers. Of course, we also filled our bug and feature request list! Right now, we’re still processing all the feedback and experiences from this intensive week, but looking forward, there may be a second and public edition of this very successful hackathon.

One thing is certain: All concepts are supposed to be pursued as we have the motivation to deliver them to our customers. Closing up, we would like to say thank you to everyone who made this awesome event possible — to all the participants, the numerous guests, the developers, and the jury!

An article by Katerina Kourti, Ayfer Lettieri, Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl and Martin Klos. To find out more about Porsche and Technology, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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