#foundersfriday: Fleetonomy and Porsche

Our series #foundersfriday presents collaborations and investments between Porsche and startups — explained in a nutshell. Today: Fleetonomy.

Porsche AG
Nov 15, 2019 · 2 min read

What’s the background for this collaboration?

Porsche strives to create a unique experience for their passengers — whether in their own car or a Porsche Drive rental. Meeting the own quality and service standards and following the demand for service in real-time calls for a combination of advanced data-driven technologies. The key to success for a mobility service is a data-driven demand forecast.

Fleetonomy provides end-to-end mobility platforms that enable automakers, car rental companies, transit agencies, and mobility service providers to launch and manage efficient and profitable new-mobility services by increasing utilization rates and improving overall efficiency. Being part of the innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN Program 4, which started in April 2018, the Israel-based startup had the chance to combine Silicon Valley’s tech know-how with German engineering skills and strong partners to work on a joint project during the three-month program. In July 2018, they presented the results of their collaboration at the EXPO Day in Stuttgart.

Fleetonomy Dashboard

Why do Porsche and Fleetonomy work together?

Fleetonomy’s platform was built with a utilization-first approach, with the goal of helping mobility operators to deal with one of the biggest challenges in the mobility market today — providing efficient new-mobility services that are also profitable.

The AI-based mobility platforms are powered by demand prediction engines and algorithmic rebalancing technology that enables a unique one fleet — multiple services approach. The tools can predict what customers want, how they will use the vehicles, how far they will travel and how likely it is that they will return the vehicle on time and in a good condition. This allows each vehicle to be assigned to the service that is most profitable and ensures that every vehicle in the fleet is constantly utilized.

“Efficient processes and intelligent fleet management are the key success factors to provide a premium mobility experience for our customers. Fleetonomy’s expertise has enabled us to gain important insights for the optimization of our fleets. Based on their data analytics we were already able to reduce cost and also to improve our ­fleet planning process to better serve our customers’ expectations. We are very pleased that this project has set the basis for a close cooperation, which can give us new impulses for the development of innovative mobility services,” states Matthias Münch, Manager Mobility Services at Porsche AG.

Fleetonomy founders Lior Gerenstein (left) and Israel Duanis (right)

Learn more about Porsche and Fleetonomy via Porsche Newsroom here.


Next Level German Engineering: Where innovation meets tradition. The Porsche technology hub to #createtomorrow.

Porsche AG

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Next Level German Engineering: Where innovation meets tradition. The Porsche technology hub to #createtomorrow.

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