#foundersfriday: home-iX and Porsche

Porsche Digital
Jan 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Our series #foundersfriday presents collaborations and investments between Porsche and startups — explained in a nutshell. Today: home-iX.


New requirements call for new working environments: A “Digital Experience Foundry” is located in the new premises of Porsche Digital in Ludwigsburg. This simulation area, which is unique in the automotive industry, is designed for prototype development. It enables testing, developing and optimizing digital products and services relating to the vehicle at an early stage of the development process in order to meet specific customer requirements. Together with start-up and cooperation partner home-iX, a 30-square-metre display was installed in the “Digital Experience Foundry” to meet Porsche Digital’s specific requirements.

Porsche Digital currently holds a minority interest in home-iX. The company founders are also supported by a cooperation model consisting of office space, strategic coaching and mentoring. The pilot project of Porsche Digital and home-iX is about creating concrete solutions to connect smart homes, cars, mobile devices and digital assistants with each other.

For Porsche Digital CEO Thilo Koslowski, the partnership with home-iX emphasises “the fact that we are consistently pursuing our digitization strategy. We are developing our ecosystem and establishing new value creation models to enable profitable growth and the ability to compete.”

Why home-iX?

Home-iX develops a “Smart Living as a Service” platform and a B2B marketplace for Smart Living Services. The company sees itself as a neutral start-up that integrates the solutions of existing providers and does not compete with them. “Our platform functions as a secure interface on the smart home market”, explains CEO Mehmet Arziman.

Home-iX strives for better compatibility for the Smart Living industry. Traditional industries such as the automotive industry, which develop their own tailor-made Smart Living solutions for end customers, will thereby facilitate access to these markets. The CEOs of home-iX believe that unifying the different vendors is essential to create a user-friendly and comprehensive Smart Living ecosystem.

Learn more about Porsche and home-iX via Porsche Newsroom here.


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