How to Make New Technologies Available (fast)

In recent years, one image has held up valiantly: start-ups are seen as small, agile speedboats, while corporations seem like lumbering ocean liners. However, is this really still the case? And, if so, how can the ocean liner be made more agile? With the Porsche IT Tool and Method Box (PITT), we’ve developed a platform that enables developers to quickly produce innovative digital products with the latest technology, even in a complex corporation like Porsche AG. George Kadis, Head of IT Methods & Processes at Porsche AG, shares five basic ideas behind PITT.

George Kadis — Head of IT Methods & Processes at Porsche AG

1. A plan for the entire journey

In a large corporation, there are also large projects. That’s why the PITT platform helps across the entire lifecycle of a new digital product: from development to deployment to operations. This way, we can ensure that new technologies get to where they are meant to make a difference and prove themselves in use across a wide range of areas.

2. Collaboration made easy

Innovation is teamwork. The complexity of new technologies requires bringing together many clever minds. PITT helps to finally mothball the outdated proverb about too many cooks spoiling the broth. With PITT, developers can always keep track of project deliverables.

3. Transparency instead of labyrinths

A crucial question in all corporate groups is “who is responsible for this?” And “who grants clearance for what?” PITT creates transparency and breaks down knowledge silos. Thanks to checklists and instructions, project managers always know who is responsible for something in each phase and do not get lost in a maze of responsibility questions. This simplifies the process and makes it more secure.

4. Compliance? Always guaranteed

We are tapping into more and more data sources across the Group that contain extremely valuable information. For this very reason, it is important that we handle this information responsibly. PITT ensures that the data developers work with is privacy compliant. This gives developers more time to do what they do best: developing exciting new products and services from the data.

5. No risk, more fun

The use of new technologies implies that developers venture on unexplored paths. All of PITT’s specifications and capabilities are designed to drastically reduce potential risks. This is a great relief for developers: because all tools provided by PITT are tested and safe. This reduces the risk of errors — and therefore allows them to dedicate themselves fully to the creative process.

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