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There’s more to Porsche than sports cars — we’re tackling new challenges, develop digital products and think digital with focus on the customer. On our Medium blog, we tell these stories. It’s about our next visions, smart technologies and the people that drive our digital journey.

Digitalization leads us to new products, services and business solutions. Everything we create is dedicated to a seamless Porsche experience, which is present in your everyday life. We want to create tomorrow together. #NextLevelGermanEngineering is an online magazine, driven by Porsche. And driven by technology.

Next Level German Engineering

Learn more about our story & subsidiaries:

The Porsche Digital Labs (Berlin & Tel Aviv)

Long rows of desks, no walls, lots of green. An uncomplicated environment in which to develop technologies and concepts for the future. The Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin is part of a think tank in the district of Friedrichshain, where we are wrestling with the question of how digital innovations can be translated into practice at Porsche. In Tel Aviv, we are actively looking for great tech startups to collaborate with and bring international knowledge, people and experiences into the Porsche ecosystem.

The tasks range from trend-scouting to idea generation and even to the construction of prototypes and components. Other fields of inquiry include cloud applications, the use of Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Mixed Reality, the utilization of machines, and, of course, the Internet of Things.

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Porsche Digital (Ludwigsburg, Atlanta & Silicon Valley)

New requirements need new work environments: Porsche Digital’s new Ludwigsburg premises feature a “Digital Experience Foundry”. This simulation area for the development of prototypes is unique in the automotive industry, and allows digital products and services related to vehicles to be tested, developed and optimised to meet specific customer requirements at an early stage of the development process.

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APX — by Axel Springer and Porsche (Berlin)

The abbreviation APX represents the two partner companies and their common goal of supporting start-ups in the early stages of their business establishment and accelerating their development. APX invests in digital business models across sectors and industries, especially in the areas of lifestyle, mobility, travel, finance, media, health as well as financial and insurance technology. Start-ups receive initial financing of EUR 25,000 (pre-seed) or up to EUR 100,000 if they have already raised external capital (seed). APX also offers companies an intensive 100-day coaching program.

During this time, the founders will be systematically prepared for further growth through individual support and through workshops and events. APX supports the start-ups in the establishment of the company, the implementation of marketing and financial planning, product development, as well as in further financing rounds. In addition, APX helps start-ups to initiate joint pilot projects with Porsche, Axel Springer or the more than 200 network companies. Following the 100-day program, APX offers the portfolio companies the opportunity to use workplaces and infrastructure free of charge for a further three months.

The accelerator of Porsche Digital and Axel Springer Digital Ventures is called APX and has meanwhile commenced operations.

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Next Visions

Beautiful minds create tomorrow. With #nextvisions, we have created a platform where experts and pioneers from different disciplines discuss the future of mobility.

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Tanja Deutschenbaur | Porsche AG | Spokesperson Finance and IT | tanja.deutschenbaur(at)porsche.de

Christopher Golombeck | Porsche Digital | PR Specialist | christopher.golombek2(at)porsche.digital

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Sven Labenz | FAKTOR 3 AG | s.labenz(at)faktor3.de
Tanja Wente | FAKTOR 3 AG | t.wente(at)faktor3.de

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Next Level German Engineering: Where innovation meets tradition. The Porsche technology hub to #createtomorrow.

    Porsche Digital Lab

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    Official Account of Porsche Digital Lab (Berlin & Tel Aviv)— the Porsche tech laboratory | #createtomorrow | Twitter: twitter.com/PorscheLab


    Next Level German Engineering: Where innovation meets tradition. The Porsche technology hub to #createtomorrow.

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