Not Just Your Regular Monday: AI Monday in Stuttgart

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changer that promises to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. But how does it work? What can AI do? How will it impact our lives? And what does the future of AI look like? The AI Monday event series explores these questions and brings together academia, science and business to share and develop ideas and engage in meaningful dialogue.

What is AI Monday?

AI Monday is a global networking series that started in 2017 and that has its roots in Finland, where the concept of “Mobile Mondays” originated in the early 2000s. The goal of the original series was to bring together interested people to share ideas, best practices, trends and mobile business use cases on Monday afternoons in Helsinki. In 2017, the founders of Taival relaunched the tradition of bringing people together on Mondays in Helsinki, this time focusing on a new but also highly relevant topic: artificial Intelligence. And thus, the event series “AI Monday” was born. It has now spread to other cities, including Berlin and Copenhagen.

AI Monday at Porsche Digital in Ludwigsburg, 2019

Since last year, the AI event series also takes place in in the Stuttgart-Tübingen-Ludwigsburg region. We at Porsche and Porsche Digital are really proud to support this format. Join us for one of the next stops in this event series.

AI Monday dates 2020 — Virtual Edition

08.06.2020 — Leipzig, Zoom Meeting
15.06.2020 — Copenhagen, Zoom Meeting

AI Monday dates 2020 in the Stuttgart-Tübingen-Ludwigsburg region

05.10.2020 — Tübingen, Cyber Valley
07.12.2020 — Ludwigsburg, tba.

For more information or to attend, click and register here.

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