Porsche NEXT OI Competition: These are the finalists!

The Porsche NEXT OI Competition in collaboration with High Mobility offered you the unique opportunity to work with simulated Porsche sportscar APIs. Last week the top 20 teams took part in a very intensive pitching afternoon in Ludwigsburg — today we are very happy to introduce to you the TOP-7 selected teams.

All these teams will join the official award ceremony at the Berlin Formula E Grand Prix (upcoming Saturday, 19 May). And these are the finalists and their awesome ideas.

Idea: Porsche Track Precision App 4.0/AI Edition by SoundReply (Germany)

Developer: Farhoud Cheraghi, Andreas Kwiatkowski

Description: Independent from availability of a personal instructor and corresponding planning and travel logistics, each Porsche driver with racetrack ambitions should have the ability to train racing skills anywhere, anytime. Presenting a next-generation “Porsche Track Precision 4.0/AI Edition” including an AI racetrack coach that, just like its human counterpart, is able to provide real-time performance analysis and personalized & track-specific instructions to the driver. Conveniently accessible through both touch and voice control, a sophisticated conversational interface with coaches like Mark Webber can not only respond to a driver’s questions during briefing, drive and debriefing. Your AI instructor also knows the world’s racetracks and their pacenotes, informing you of the next hairpin curve ahead, how to keep your car’s raceline and when to best break for the nailing your next lap time record.

Idea: AUTOmator by Team AUTOmator (Germany)

Developer: Steffen Iwan, Valentin Rüchardt

Description: AUTOmator allows every Porsche owner to define their car experience by connecting vehicle APIs with existing web APIs through an incredibly easy interface. THE PROBLEM: Every Porsche driver uses their car differently and knows themselves best which digital interactions they would like to have within the car. Currently they can only use pre-coded functionalities and Apps. APIs are a great way to automate things…if you are a coder. However the average Porsche customer does not know how to access those APIs through code. THE SOLUTION: AUTOmator let’s every Porsche owner define their own connected car experience through easy If-Then-automation. By accessing all vehicle APIs, the user can define triggers, which are relevant for him and define specific actions from his favourite Web- and IoT-Apps (like Gmail, Spotify, Hue,..). All of that is done through an incredibly easy User Interface, which requires no line of code. THE OUTCOME: Every Porsche owner will love the digital experience of their Porsche, as: 1) it allows endless possibilities for individualisation 2) it connects to all the Apps and service the customer already uses 3) it will always plug into the latest consumer Apps.

Idea: Mobile Racing Visualizer by Randerline (Switzerland)

Developer: Dominik Stocker, Roger Rueegg

Description: Mobile Racing Visualizer transforms real driving data into a digital 3D environment without any additional special hardware or data transfer. It can be used to capture, analyze, compare, share and battle real and virtual races in a sophisticated mobile game environment. With its speed and simplicity, it’s the next level of advanced race tracking* in combination with a different approach of mixed reality and mobile gaming. * compared to the already available Porsche Track Precision App or the Gran Turismo 6 GPS Visualizer

Idea: Dashride by Tom Bachant (USA)

Developer: Thomas Bachant, Nadav Ullman

Description: Dashride provides everything you need to create a ridesharing service. Our white-labeled dispatching platform powers everything from booking to billing, with customer reservation apps and a full back-end administration portal. Our automated dispatching algorithm selects the best vehicle and dispatches it to the pick-up point. With an integration to High Mobility and Porsche vehicles, Dashride can power a full-scale ridesharing service for Porsche customers. This allows customers to book Porsche rides and work with special Porsche services for things like Porsche Club events or on-demand test drives of new vehicles. More importantly, as Porsche adopts autonomous vehicle technology, the app and integration will be able to dispatch vehicles to customers without the need for a driver.

Idea: Porsche Smart Garage by Dräxlmaier Campus (Germany)

Developer: Tobias Müller, Max Marcour

Description: Porsche Smart Garage is a mobile app for Porsche owners that brings convenience when it comes to vehicle maintenance. It gives you full control of the vehicle status combined with predictive maintenance, making you aware of due services via active push notifications. Using the app, it is easy to book individual service packages, to monitor the service process and to check the service record in your app. A Porsche employee picks up the vehicle at your desired location and returns it as soon as the service is completed. The comprehensive digital service platform, called the “Smart Garage Service Platform”, automatically manages all requests in the background and enables communication between the vehicle, the service garage and the app user.

Idea: Safe Drive by iabsis — Choobs (Greece & Switzerland)

Developer: Tobias Kuster, Nikolaos Doulgeridis

Description: With an aging population, today’s issues with fatigue, dizziness and other driving impairing events like strokes or heart attacks will only get worse tomorrow. We are preventing two of the core issues of driver impairment causes today. 1. Causing serious damage on the road each year. 2. Preventing the victim of such an event to alarm emergency services when every second could save a life. Our application handles driver impairment and sickness, in general, providing an answer also for strokes or heart attacks by mixing the monitoring of accident detection, driver fatigue, driver’s heart rate, and ability to answer. In case of any emergency, the application stops the car and contacts the emergency services automatically.

Idea: SETT by SETT (Bulgaria)

Developer: Teo Teodosiev, Martina Diyanova

Description: SETT app is an automation tool enabling Porsche drivers to easily create any combination of car capabilities (actions) and 3rd party services to create powerful workflows. Workflows combine a bunch of steps across apps or car interface into a single tap or a predefined autoexecuted rule.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the ideas and teams from the Porsche NEXT OI Competition. We can’t wait to see your innovative ideas come to life! Stay tuned, the winner will be announced on Saturday already on Twitter (follow us @PorscheLab).



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