Introducing Next Matter

Your work managed in minutes

Jan Hugenroth
Dec 23, 2019 · 5 min read

After founding Next Matter in 2018 and building the foundation of our product in close collaboration with our first customers, we’re now gradually opening up access to Next Matter.

This is an introduction to why we’re building Next Matter, the problem we’re solving, the solution we’re already implementing for our customers, and a look at where we’re going in the future.

Next Matter in action: the desktop and mobile app

The problem: Managing and delivering good work is hard

Managers and employees spend 30 - 40% of their time on administrative and management activities, before they can focus on productive work. This is a well-known problem across organizations of all sizes, industries and countries.

The solutions available today: Emails, meetings, calls, spreadsheets, ERP systems, you name it

We see people using many different solutions to solve this problem today, but they often lead to sub-optimal outcomes, despite all the hard work put into setting them up and trying to make them work every single day.

The solutions available today lead to convoluted processes

On one hand, there are emails, meetings, phone calls, spreadsheets, documents, task managers, physical or virtual whiteboards, and more — tools we have learned to use over time and can apply to any problem we face. These are easy to use and can quickly be adjusted.

Unfortunately, these tools don’t scale, especially when an organization and the work it needs to get done, does. This leads to lots of time spent in meetings, little transparency into progress made, and a fluctuating quality of end products.

Capable teams and managers can cushion the impact of these side-effects, but the time spent managing work and ‘firefighting’ if things don’t work, quickly takes its toll.

On the other hand, organizations invest money and time into all kinds of enterprise-grade systems and solutions: ERP systems along with the required customization projects, consulting services to design and implement processes, software development teams creating and maintaining proprietary software, or just new groups of managers and coordinators that take care of the busy work associated with organizing productive work.

It takes a lot of time and money to make ERP solutions, management consultants, proprietary software, new groups of managers, and customization projects work

While these solutions might scale better than emails, meetings, calls, and spreadsheets, they come with well-known drawbacks. Everyone who has worked with one of these solutions is acutely aware of the long implementation timelines, significant upfront costs, and high complexity of using and maintaining these solutions over time.

Starting today: Your work managed in minutes with Next Matter

We are addressing this problem head on with a simple goal in mind: Your work managed in minutes.

The growing number of teams adopting Next Matter use our intuitive desktop and mobile application to empower everyone on their team do their best work, while connecting everyone, and everything involved, and holding each other accountable.

They build a fabric for their organization that fits exactly to the unique way they work (Your). They capture everything that needs to be done by the people, teams, and systems involved (work). They define, execute, monitor, and optimize the way they work on an ongoing basis, integrating the software they already use, adopting new technologies as they become available, and integrating customers and suppliers as needed (managed). And most importantly, they do all of this in a fraction of the time that was previously required (in minutes).

It’s easy to manage any process in minutes with Next Matter

Compared to other enterprise-grade solutions, such as ERP systems, custom-built software, long-running consulting projects, and their own proprietary software development, Next Matter can be implemented in days, adjusted to new ways of working in minutes, and circulate information transparently to everyone involved in realtime. It is priced based on the value created for an organization, not the upfront cost needed for implementation.

Looking ahead: The infrastructure for the future of work

While our customers already use Next Matter to manage their work in many different ways, we’re truly excited about what lies ahead — the journey into the future of work.

Digitization, augmentation, and automation will have an impact on the future of work that cannot be underestimated. As a result, the way people, teams, and organizations work will shift in a significant way. Job profiles will change and new roles will emerge, while others disappear. Digitization will shift how data and documents are handled, augmentation will transform how work is done, and automation will introduce systems and machines that can take over work.

While these changes are taking over discussions in team meetings, board rooms, and dinner parties, we’re convinced that their actual realization will happen in stages for 99% of organizations. They’re an evolution that can be handled by businesses of all shapes and sizes, given the right infrastructure as a foundation. Next Matter is that infrastructure, and we’re building it to empower everyone to succeed while going through this transition into the future of work.

Early believers: Our team, investors and first customers backing Next Matter

We’re fortunate to have formed a strong group of believers supporting Next Matter from the early days.

A team of experienced professionals combining their technology and business backgrounds to build a new software company from scratch, a group of investors believing in our vision and ability to deliver against it (among others, Ciaran O’Leary and Jason Whitmire at Blue Yard Capital as well as Krishna Visanathan and Scott Sage at Crane Venture Partners), and our first customers, giving us the opportunity to prove the value of our product to them, while receiving a wealth of feedback along the way.

Some of the fantastic companies we support, and who support us

Join us on our journey: Next Matter for your work, and your work at Next Matter

If you see the problem we’re solving within your own organization, request access to get your team up and running on Next Matter. We’re opening up access to the next preview release customers over the next few months and would be excited to help you manage your work in minutes.

And if you’re as convinced as we are that this is a significant problem being solved in a meaningful way, you might be the right person to help us achieve our goals by joining the growing Next Matter team.

We’re already back at work by the time you are reading this and look forward to getting you on board for our journey here at Next Matter!

Next Matter

Your work managed in minutes

Jan Hugenroth

Written by

Next Matter

Your work managed in minutes

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