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NMA batch 6. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

As our NMA family grows, things just keep on getting better and more exciting! We can promise you that we are still the same, just maybe more experienced 😉.

As a matter of fact, we went from hosting our first Demo Day ever on the ground floor at the coworking space Betahaus back in winter 2015 to hosting our sixth Demo Day in pounding nightspot and famous music venue, the Knust, in June 2018.

New Team Member

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

The show started with a few announcements for the community. First of all, a warm welcome to our new team member Christoph Hüning, now managing partner of NMA along with Nico Lumma and Meinolf Ellers.

First Exit to Xing

asap.industries co-founder, André Hennen. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

The show continued with the second announcement of the evening: Our very first exit 👏. If you still don’t know the details about the acquisition of our startup asap.industries (batch 5) by our Innovation as a Service Partner, Xing, we recommend you this blog post.

Contentflow & the USA market

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Our first Media Match NYC Edition took place also last month. We succeeded in bringing together a strong community of media innovators and VCs in USA and Europe. Following Media Match, our startup Contentflow (batch 5) joined us on stage and presented their plan to skyrocket in US.


Each of our batch 6 startups showcased their product and had a milestone to share. Read the highlights below and watch the pitches (videos powered by Contentflow 💪):

The Shotcaller (Germany)

Darius Matuschak, The Shotcaller . Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Forget the World Cup, it’s the time to invest in esports. The startup creating high quality journalism for esports is currently testing with the German Press Agency and announced the opening of seed round. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

Praise (Germany)

Paul Solbach. Praise. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

In a world of information overload, Praise is delivering curated, personalized and highly recommended content to users. More than 10 publishers already onboarded. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

Frameright (Finland)

Marina Ekroos, Frameright. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Frameright’s software makes sure that images are cropped properly in every channel to ensure a high performance of articles and contents. The Finnish team proudly announced pilots with publishers in the Netherlands, Finland and Germany. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

Locationews (Finland)

Julius Koskela, Locationews. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Local matters. That is the motto behind the platform that allows users to explore local stories. Or as they called it: explories. The platform has now over 10k users and is operating in Finnish and German. Next plans? To get more publishers on board. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

helloguide (Germany)

Ines Woermann, helloguide. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

After having worked with Die Zeit, the German startup announced the launch of their platform to easily build chatbots and is looking for publishers and media houses to become test partners. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

Exponenta (USA . Belarus)

Daria Minsky, Exponenta. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

The startup developing an AI co-writer to predict virality and boost audience engagement has five pilots lined up with publishers in Europe, including Axel Springer. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

Aiconix (Germany)

Eugen L. Gross, Aiconix. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

The Hamburg startup showcased their software that applies AI technology to optimize video production. Co-founder Eugen Gross announced the opening of seed round. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

Yobo (Germany)

Tobias Szarowicz, Yobo. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Yobo is not the usual city guide: it combines AI and emojis to allow users to discover and rate their favorite local venues. The app is available for iOS and Android. 🎥 Watch the pitch.

  • Save the Date: our next Demo Day will take place on December 17th, in Hamburg.
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