About community, inspiration and lemonade: Female Future Force Day

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Where do you find motivation to keep up with your plans?

Some people get encouraged by talking to others, meeting friends, listening to inspirational talks…or simply find some extra energy by having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Now imagine having all those incentive-boost elements at once: that’s how the Female Future Force Day felt like.

The conference/festival organized by Edition F was an event made by and (but not exclusively) for women. It felt like a big celebration of the power of resilience, creativity and of mastering the art of multitasking.

Since sharing is caring, here are my five drops of motivation picked up from #FFFDAY:

1 — The force lies in the community.

Walking into a big crowd is a reminder that we are not alone — and that can in itself be already a source of motivation. Attending talks, meeting new people, going to events, even if it is to feel the atmosphere can be good ways of recharging inner “force”.

2 — It’s always good to be reminded of what we are capable of…

…and stumbling upon big posters with inspirational quotes was a nice way of doing that.

3 — One for entrepreneurs: business do not thrive despite struggles, but also because of them.

When you fail, you learn. Every founder hears that.

A personal highlight of the day was to listen to Bea Beste share the story of how she dealt with the insolvency of her company — while having a big smile on her face. Sometimes listening to stories of how others failed gives a comforting and reassuring feeling that entrepreneurs know too well, one of making lemonades from the lemons life give. Cheers to that.

4 — When you do what you love, it’s all worth it.

Cliches exist for a reason. And this was almost a mantra repeated by the founders that took part in the entrepreneurship space. There are just too many challenges, little vacation planning, headaches with management, financing, bureaucracy…but if passion is what underlies your business / job, is what will make you go through all of it.

5 — Last but not least, a quote from the keynote speaker Rose McGowan

“To be brave doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, it means you will do it anyway.“

Talking about inspiration…

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