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next media accelerator
3 min readApr 9, 2020


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229.000.000 hits for “reader engagement” on Google — the buzzword is all over the internet. Various hacks, strategies and tons of advice are out there already — yet still it is no one way street, there is no “one size fits all” approach to it. Here is where three of our next media accelerator startups come into play: They provide tools to personalize content distribution, thus enhancing the engagement and strengthening the audience’s relationship with the publishers.

Easy and personal reader engagement for publishers

Followistic helps publishers to engage with their audiences online. Relevance and timing are key to get people’s attention. The startup provides a white label solution that enables readers to follow their favourite topics and authors. Also, they receive content recommendations based on their interests. It is simple and fully GDPR compliant — get started now.

From mere reader to loyal fan

Turn your readers into fans? FanMatics can do the trick. With their widget technology they support publishers in converting an anonymous audience into loyal fans. Intelligent rewards encourage the readers to promote content and strengthen referral marketing.

Screeshot via FanMatics

High quality audio content — on your company’s platform

Drive up reader engagement through audio — say what?! That is exactly the secret sauce of our alumni team Lytt — they deepen the relationship between publisher and audience through retaining the audience on the channels of the company. No third party platforms are involved and the publishers monetize their own audio content on their own plattform (eg. website or app). Lytt just gained the Danish newspaper Politiken as client: Politiken`s digital director Troels Berhendt Jørgensen says “ We decided to work with LYTT because they had a strong experience with media needs in the podcast market […]. For us, retaining subscribers with audio is absolutely essential to our business […].”

Get a better connection with your audience and use Lytt!

This is what Lytt can do for you (screenshot/website lytt).

Would you like to gear up your audience engagement? Get in touch with one of the teams and test their solutions — we are happy to introduce you to our founders. 📩 Shoot us an email via info (at)

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