Batch 10 up on the virtual stage — Meet Klipworks

A tool that helps video creators to collect footage from all over the world. And to share it instantly. How does that sound in times of Corona? Well, that’s what Klipworks is made for. Asger Rasmussen is one of the co-founders of the startup that is part of our batch 10. We talked to him about Klipworks, his team, and why he had to stop working as a video editor in Denmark.

Hey Asger, how is working from home?

Asger: Working at home here in Denmark is actually not that different for me except that I have two kids hanging around that I cant send off to daycare. But of course, it’s different from our last days in Hamburg.

“When you stop recording, the video is made available for the journalists within seconds.”

What are you guys doing at Klipworks?

Asger: Basically, we provide a tool that enables reporters to collect video content from their audience without meeting them in person. In a way it’s exactly what’s needed a lot right now in the Corona crisis. With Klipworks you as a reporter write a request and send it out virtually to people. After they finished their recordings with their smartphones, the footage will automatically be uploaded to our platform.

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