Batch 10 up on the virtual stage — Meet Hashtag Daily

We talked to Anna Juliana Jaenner, TV professional, an expert in online marketing and showrunner of Germany’s first soap opera for Instagram and TikTok: Hashtag Daily.

Anna Juliana Jaenner, founder of Hashtag Daily. Photo: Matthias Töpfer

Hey Anna Juliana, how does your desk look like after weeks of working at the home office?

I don’t have a desk. Actually right now it’s an ironing board and a pink chair. People may think now that I can’t be a CEO but I can! (laughing)

Tell us what your baby “Hashtag Daily” is all about.

Hashtag Daily is the best mix between two worlds: the online video world that is growing so fast right now and the old TV world that is slowly dying. We actually took the best of both and combined it into a TV series. Hashtag Daily is the first German soap opera that’s made for a young audience that watches TV on their phones.

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