How to meet the right people at OMR Festival!

Digital communications is great and I spend most of my days interacting with many people through Email, Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and other tools. Sometimes I’m really old-school and pick up a phone and call somebody. I know. Crazy.

But there’s something even more crazy than that, something that should have died a long time ago and that should have been replaced by Second Life, Oculus Rift and other platforms: a trade fair.

A concept that has been around for a long time, and yet it still works. I love it when our industry comes together and you can meet almost anyone in a short span of time. That’s definitely something you can’t replicate online easily.

On May 7 & 8 there will be 50,000 people attending OMR Festival in Hamburg, making this one of the biggest events of the media industry in Europe.

After attending so many events in the last 20 years, I can safely say: OMR is great to meet new people and reconnect with people I already know. But it can also be very hectic and we all know what it’s like when you’re talking to somebody and then you spot another person who you’d like to talk to, but for some reasons it doesn’t seem socially appropriate to just leave one person standing there to run after the other.

To solve that dilemma, we created a unique matchmaking opportunity for OMR: NMA Media Match. You simply register, upload your photo and fill out a quick questionnaire, so that other people know what you offer and what you are looking for. And then you just connect with people you want to talk to. And you find a time and a desk through the matchmaking platform. It’s so easy and fast. And if you find out that your current match wasn’t what you expected, don’t worry: the meeting is over very soon and then the next person is waiting for you.

NMA Media Match is ideal for startups, executives and investors who want to find new business partners. So sign up now and schedule your meetings for OMR! We even throw in a free ticket to OMR Expo!