Likes, shares and innovative formats: Startup tools for social media.

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How much time do you spend on social media on a daily basis checking the news, watching short videos, consuming bits of entertainment or getting distracted by memes?

More than 2 billion people around the world are using social media, which means that every company willing to have a loyal customer base and expand their reach needs to think of content to be produced and shared on social channels (#mobilefirst).

From entertainment videos and news posts to be shared on Instagram, to platforms to enhance the marketing with and for influencers: take a look at the innovative tools and formats from NMA portfolio startups going social.

Soap Opera is back — with a millennial twist.

One might associate soap opera with the classical TV format of a drama series. But there’s one startup bringing this traditional format to our digital, hyperconnected times. Hashtag Daily is the first German soap opera airing exclusively in social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. Within 5-minute episodes, the series shot in vertical format stars a cast of influencers and actors who gather over 1.8 Million followers and an increasing audience. Grab your phone and start binge-watching here.

Reinventing female entertainment.

The Distriqt is not just a video-platform targeting female millennials: the startup is building “a universe full of realness, intellect & humor.” As they build a strong community, the team recently launched a campaign on Instagram where “one hand washes the other” — women share skills that they can offer and trade online in times of social distancing. Way to go!

Go vertical with one multi platform tool.

As part of the strategy to increase reach and engage the audience, many publishers and broadcasters are adopting the vertical format to share bits of news. With Cutnut, companies have access to a Story Editor that allows them to easily create and share content in vertical format, pre-scheduling and sharing them in social channels and AMP Stories.

A platform to help influencers enhance their business…

Influencers not only share posts on social media to their million followers audience — they also produce content and have their own products to commercialize. With the soon-to-be-launched marketplace Serpentine, influencers can offer digital and physical merchandise to their followers. With the help from Serpentine, influencers can access new revenue streams and save valuable time.

…and a system for companies to manage Influencer marketing.

Media companies — especially agencies — have already embraced the work with Influencers. Now the tricky part is to find an easy solution to manage the whole database — it is 2020, time to move beyond Excel sheets. Casablnca is here to help: an Influencer Data Management Platform to handle, browse and sort Influencers, create campaigns and ongoing collaborations, follow up on customized KPIs and take reliable, data-driven decisions for best possible growth.

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