Looking for female techpreneurs.

After three years running NMA the amount of women that have applied to our program has been significantly lower than men, despite our belief in giving equal opportunities to entrepreneurs from both genders.

From my personal frustration of not being able to reach out to enough startup teams with women co-founders I have decided to dedicate some lines and ask for peer support to spread the word.

This is a call to all those women who need some encouraging words to start their own business in tech: Take the risk, dare to start your own company and stand strongly for what you believe in.

Last week I had the honor to be invited as speaker in Sofia (Bulgaria) at the SHEleader@digital conference where we created a platform to discuss ways to support and encourage the active participation and contribution of women to the digital economy.

At the panel discussion I shared with Zornitsa Roussinova, Kristina Stoitsova, Janna Cosby and Isabelle Dumortier moderated by Réka Artner, TEDx Curator and coach, we came up with some inspiring conclusions on what women should apply to help closing the existing gender gap.

1. Follow your passion, always.

2. Be curious, this will open you doors.

3. Practice resilience and cope with failure.

4. Fight the unconscious bias.

If you recently founded a business in media tech and you need support, investment and connections to media outlets apply to next media accelerator in Hamburg (Germany). We invest in up to 10 teams every six months!