Three reasons why I like working with The Product Field

The The Product Field is our favorite toolkit for product thinking at next media accelerator. Here I explain you briefly in three points why I believe it helps us more than the regular business model canvas to identify the weaknesses and strengths of our teams and work together with them during the six month of acceleration program.

  1. The product is the core. All the rest goes around. We focus first on the problem-solution and competition-uniqueness factors. If anything here does not match we are already doing most probably something wrong.
  2. The context is crucial. With the business model canvas we focus more on what we believe we know and we put it down visually. The Product Field takes into consideration external factors that we cannot control or change that might have a positive or negative impact in the development of our product. Those are worth watch out!
  3. Strengths and weaknesses. Once we have worked on the whole canvas we need to identify the strong points and weak points from our map with read and green dots. That way we know exactly what we need to take care of first and come up with a list of to do’s and priorities.

I’m personally a very visual person and having it all colorfully displayed and written down helps my brain to work better. I strongly recommend trying out The Product Field for product innovation & development, ideally introduced by someone who has already worked with it to help understanding all better.

— —

Which other product and design thinking tools have you tried out that are worth testing out?