Rick Wilson shares a warning to the GOP electeds.

Remember this when Pelosi and Schumer are moving you to smaller, crappy offices.

Taylor Griffin watched the debate with strangers.

Among an impromptu focus group of disgruntled Donald Trump supporters, unenthusiastic Hillary Clinton backers and middle of the road voters dismayed by both candidates huddled around a TV at Seattle-Tacoma airport last night, expectations were high that we would be witnessing a final knockout blow to Trump’s wobbling campaign. Trump’s pre-debate press conference with Bill Clinton accusers and faltering first few minutes did little to dispel the notion that the second Presidential debate would be anything less than an epic slow motion train wreck.
Yet, Trump slowly rallied back, exceeding the group’s admittedly very low expectations. In the end, last night’s debate left Trump behind but alive to fight another day. Here are five reasons why.

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