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Image: Complete list of Republicans Disavowing Trump

Restart GOP is keeping a list of all Republicans disavowing Trump.

Just a name means they’ve merely condemned or their stance is unknown.
Pull endorsement” means they pulled their previous endorsement.
No vote” means they have stated they will not support or vote for him.
Step down” means they’ve suggested Trump withdraw from the candidacy.
Never Trump” means they have been consistently against Trump.

Reed Galen recaps the debate for The American Singularity.

Donald Trump is a facade. There is little difference between the man and the signs that hang from his myriad buildings. They’re garish, over-sized and lacking in much more substance than the plastic and lightbulbs that help them light up whatever city they’re in. It is a false glow, signifying little more than his singularly gigantic ego. The Donald has about has about as much business being leader of the free world than do the letters that signify Trump Tower’s presence in Manhattan.

Jeff Berkowitz on October oppo.

If this past week in the presidential election campaign has proved anything, it’s that a rigorous vetting process by way of opposition research during the primary leads to candidates and campaigns who are better prepared for the onslaught of attacks, leaks, and criticisms that inevitably come in the general election season.

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