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James Landis on how Rush Limbaugh legitimized the Alt Right.

In that moment, the credibility of the alt-right’s aims, memes, desires and hopes skyrocketed. Rush Limbaugh, the standard bearer for conservatism since the George H. W. Bush administration’s waning days had dropped his colors and traded them in for the darker tones of nationalistic populism. Not only that, but Rush either naively or deliberately overlooked the deep and obvious racism of Francis to make his political point.

Michael Brodkorb suggests the MN GOP may have broken the law for ballot access.

As I reported yesterday, the rumblings of possible legal challenges have only gotten stronger since last week and I would expect legal challenges within the coming days and weeks to determine if Minnesota Republicans followed the law to get Donald Trump’s name on the ballot in Minnesota.

The Economist explains why Hillary’s email scandal will not go away.

In one of the e-mails Ms Abedin said the request had also been made through official channels; in other e-mails she repeatedly states that donors must go through these channels. The e-mails show that on many occasions, donors did not get what they wanted. And they provide no explicit evidence that Mrs Clinton gave preferential treatment to the family foundation’s donors. But at the least they have revealed embarrassingly friendly links where there should have been none.

Kelly Ayotte makes the case for education reform.

I was able to include a piece in the education bill that supports mental health awareness and training so school personnel can better address and prevent emergency situations. In addition, as New Hampshire continues to battle the heroin crisis, I worked on measures to help students cope if they are dealing with substance abuse issues at home.

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