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Glenn Beck says to not condemn Sean Hannity.

I’m not going to blame Sean or anybody else for helping to nominate a GOP candidate that was a Democrat. If Sean is a believer, if he believes Trump is a reliable conservative — he knows him, I don’t — I don’t lay the blame at his feet. I don’t believe Trump, Sean does. If Sean believes he can ascribe a logical line through Trump’s positions or that we even know what Trump’s positions are, okay. If Sean believes that Hillary Clinton is so bad that anyone — and I do mean anyone is better — I don’t blame him. I would like him to say where his line is.

E. Petti says the AltRight doesn’t understand The Art of the Deal.

Trump supporters have made this fatal mistake. They have become emotionally invested in their candidate, and now he knows that he “could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose their support.” They have already committed to buying their car for the asking price and they have surrendered all the leverage they would have had in any remaining negotiation.

Joe Bernstein on the rise of the AltRight.

When we think of countercultures, we typically think of left-leaning ones: hippies, beats, radical punks, even the dreaded hipsters, whatever they were. But as mainstream culture has evolved in the way it treats women, people of color, gay marriage, and the rights of the LGBT community, and as mainstream internet media has gravitated towards identity content, it is not completely surprising that a reactionary culture would arise to oppose it. And like any counterculture, this one has developed its own social norms, accepted truths, sense of humor, methods of communications, and even terminology.

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