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Scariest costume this year? Trillary

Happy Halloween! While today represents a day of ghouls, the real fright comes a week from tomorrow when a new president is elected and we no longer have 24 hours of speculative commentary from individuals who may or may not be qualified to speak.

Emails, emails, emails! FBI Director James Comey is taking another look at Hillary’s emails. In order to silence the haters the Hillary campaign has sent a messenger and a real man of the people John Podesta. *Warning: there’s enough spin in his post to make you throw up.*

On the other side of the burning dumpster, Mr. Trump is realizing his greatest fear might be not Hillary but Evan McMullin, writes Jon Ward. Let’s hope the Trump campaign is able to slow the coffee shop campaign McMullin is running in Utah.

Grover Norquist takes us away from the presidential race (thanks Grover!) for a history lesson and a reminder that we do have another branch of government that can work as a check to the executive. Or as Ben Sasse likes to say, repudiating executive unilateralism.

For the campaign tech reporters out there, Nick Marcelli has the outline for your next piece done already. Although it may be more accurate to write about Bill Mitchell’s heart if you want the deep dive on the Trump GOTV operation. Thanks to Patrick Ruffini for immortalizing this great moment in campaign history.

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