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Image from: MLK’s Soul in Trump’s Body

Ryan Huber imagines how MLK would lead if in Trump’s shoes.

King/Trump might admit that things have gotten harder, he would be aware of some of the challenges working class white men are facing (Not that they hold a candle to the challenges and injustices facing working class black men in the 1960s. I repeat, the struggles of working class white men today pale in comparison with the struggles of black men). But he would also do something regular Trump won’t do: he would challenge his fellow old white guys to dig deep, to do better, to rise to the occasion. In what follows, I’ve taken the liberty of substituting “White Guy” for “The Negro” (and a few other contextual substitutions indicated by italics) that King addressed in a section of his 1958 book “Stride Toward Freedom.”

Tom Rogan on how conservatives should respond to common liberal critiques.

Yet liberal populists are successfully characterizing conservatism as anachronistic. They would have independents believe that our ideology and modernity are mutually exclusive. Today, especially in blue or purple state cities, conservatives are expected to hide their beliefs in polite company. And while it can be fun to do the opposite, the point remains: conservatism is under siege. To break the siege, we must articulate our views more effectively. In that vein, here are five responses we should offer to liberal critiques.

Chris Arnade on the back row kids.

I earlier predicted Hillary would win in a landslide and I was wrong.

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