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Conservative Black Man shares an open letter to conservatives.

Conservatives need to try to understand why black people feel the way we feel about some of these things. Would it hurt for you to show compassion for a mother who has lost her son to a derelict police officer, rather than pointing out the black on black crime statistics in Chicago? Why is the first reaction to the mentioning of the KKK a pivot to the Black Panthers as if the Black Panthers were ever at the top of that figurative mountain? Have you ever tried to understand what most black people feel when they see the Confederate flag? Have you taken the time to ask any?

Jonathan Bush on how the next President can improve Healthcare.

If anyone thinks Obamacare is the biggest problem in today’s health system, they’re wrong. The real threat is the administrative technocracy: the negative labor and productivity returns our technology delivers. Shockingly, it seems that the more our country spends on technology in healthcare, the more dissatisfied providers become, the more frustrated patients feel, and the more expensive healthcare gets. The biggest failure in healthcare very well may be the technology and infrastructure it operates on.

Matthew La Corte on the Republican legislation that drives the immigration debate.

But, if the GOP pivots back to understanding and messaging the benefits of immigration, including economic possibilities, reuniting families, increasing security through identification, and ensuring American safety through practical regulations, then CIR is entirely possible.

Dartanyan Edmonds, Jr. makes the case for Evan McMullin.

Never Trumpers understand that they have an obligation to their country and to their principles, neither of which Trump seems to care about. So Never Trumpers aren’t wrong or crazy for refusing to obey the party line. The party has (at least temporarily) abandoned its principles in nominating Trump, so Never Trumpers may reasonably refuse to swim upstream with their co-partisans who are comparable to salmon preparing to be eaten by a bear. They can and should resist the stream’s current.

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