To the Romney Republicans: There is a way out of this Trump nightmare.

The road to rebirth runs through the Valley

Since we’re all in the mood to throw away even the most basic assumptions about our country, here’s an idea:

It’s time for the Romney wing of the Republican Party to align with our free market soulmates, the Silicon Valley Technologists. This won’t happen until we dump the Confederate South.

Lyndon B. Johnson said famously after the passage of his civil rights legislation that his Democratic Party has “lost the south for a generation.”

Well that generation is over and the Democrats can have it back.

You have probably already heard the Lapdog Christie types start whispering about making a deal with Trump.

Don’t do it.

There’s a way out of this disaster that doesn’t involve you bending the knee to a strongman and punching a one-way ticket to the wrong side of history.

For decades, The Economist/WSJ wings of the GOP have been championing the values of free-market capitalism over income redistribution as the most direct path to broad based prosperity.

In doing so, they have completely ignored the one place on the planet that embodies these ideals in their purest form.

Silicon Valley is built on the idea that market-driven technological progress is the most direct path to prosperity at scale.

Their inventions are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from magic and their contributions to humanity are lifting billions out of poverty.

These are people we should be getting to know and that’s hard to do when your buddies keep yelling racist bullshit from across the room.


Over the last 40 years, the Valley has built itself into a beacon for the ideas of market-driven innovation, only to be sneered at by our barbaric allies for their liberal social values.

But do you give a flying fuck about their liberal social values?

Probably not.

The GOP’s attitude towards Silicon Valley perfectly demonstrates why the coalition between free-market capitalists and religious fundamentalists no longer makes any sense.

This uneasy alliance, borne out of electoral opportunism and total disregard for long-term success has made free-market capitalism as unappealing as the bigoted ideas that come out of the Fundamentalist movement.

There may have been a time many decades ago when it was practical to hitch our wagon to the forces of religious/confederate populism.

That time has long passed.

Romney Republicans cannot continue to alienate the people who embody American ingenuity and exceptionalism in favor of those who embody our troubled past and our ugliest sins.

Capitalist ideals have traditionally enjoyed great success on the coasts and all over the country. It’s time to abandon the banner of bigotry in favor of imagination and prosperity.

Silicon Valley and its brand of techno-optimism is exactly what our national dialogue needs right now.

Less work and more money sells itself. Less time in traffic and more time with your children sells itself. Live in LA and work in NY sells itself.

This is a no-brainer people.

Optimistic messaging aside, there are serious real-world issues that we have to address. Silicon Valley is on a collision course with Washington DC. As software eats the world and the drudgery of our lives is turned over to automation, the Valley needs a champion in the halls of Congress and statehouses across the country.

What good is a self-driving car without self-guiding roads? Why sink billions in to failing schools when we can stream our best schools from the cloud?

These aren’t questions for a distant future. These are questions for today and the Romney wing can be the ones with the answers.

To their credit, the Democratic party recognizes that the Valley represents the future and has made strong moves to court their support.

But the Democratic world view is the antithesis of the SV ethos and the alliance between the two is as ill-conceived as the one between Capitalists and Fundamentalists.

The Left-wing response to every social ill is to plow more money into redistributionist programs. The Valley on the other hand, offers solutions that can cut costs by more than an order of magnitude and increase outcomes by the same degree.

Do these sound like complementary ideals to you?

In this era of secular stagnation, corporate earnings growth has largely come from cost-cutting achieved by replacing workers with technology. It’s impact on employment has been devastating and this trend is only going to accelerate.

The era of technological unemployment is coming and if you think that the pitchforks are sharp now, wait ‘till the entire transportation sector gets replaced by self-driving technology, and so on and so on.

The Uberized model of employment has been an astounding success. It is a model for industries across the board and will allow us to transition into an employment model for the 21st century. It’s inclusive, it encourages entrepreneurship and risk-taking, and it promotes social mobility. So naturally the Left has vowed to destroy it. Despite all of this, Democrats still enjoy a cozy relationship with the Valley.

Why? Because they don’t run in circles with the KKK.

Does the Romney Realignment towards Silicon Valley happen under the banner of the Republican Party?

Who cares?

Donald Drumpf has proven that the party apparatus is totally worthless and everyone hates Republicans anyway.

When the party of Abraham Lincoln morphs into the party of Jefferson Davis, its probably a good idea to take your money and leave, and there’s no better place to take it than out west.