The art and science of decision making in business world.

Meiling Wu
Aug 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Volume, variety and velocity of data available today presents huge challenges.

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Solving business problems using data analytics

Many business leaders until today, still continue to rely on intuition to make important decisions.

Only 1 in 3 executives say their organization is highly data-driven.

But research shows that data- driven organizations are 3 times more likely to report significantly improvements in their decision making.

How to better combine the art and science of decision making?

  • Combine a more effective use of data with the abilit to extract insights
  • Embed analytics into decision making culture of an organization

Organizations are constantly trying to improve.

Overlaying data and analytics on this process results in better and faster decision making.

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Making business-defining decisions using data analytics

Organizations make thousands of decisions every day.

Big decisions: Decisions that will shift the course of a business, or even an industry and shape the world we live in.

They set the direction for the business and are both high value and high stakes.

Photos from Coursera, Data-driven Decision Making

Big decisions are made frequently and revisited often.

Photos from Coursera, Data-driven Decision Making

They can be reactive, forced by circumstances beyond our control.

Photos from Coursera, Data-driven Decision Making

If we bring data analytics and other elements that shows below to decision making in our organization,

Photos from Coursera, Data-driven Decision Making

So the decisions like growing or shrinking the business or collaborating with competitors are seen more clearly.

  • Have more opportunities to identify, model
  • Map multiple futures
  • Reducing the risks of innovation
  • Accelerating the decision making process.

So that we’ll not only be there for the next big breakthrough, we’ll be leading the field.

This medium is my study note of Data-driven Decision Making on Coursera. See you at next episode with more dozes of business!

My name is Meiling, a marketing master student at NYU. I am during my Gap Year and write reflections and business related inspiration.

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Think deeper, writer more, grow faster and become stronger.

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