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The athlete confidently approaches the mark to start a jump sequence. He stands there, turns to face the crowd and fervently starts a synchronized clap to engage. The mighty clap and passionate cheers reverberate throughout the stadium.

This clap fires up the jumper for the attempt. When executed as trained…

Today, NEXT VENTŪRES is thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with Humane in its $100MM Series B financing. This capital will enable the team to continue building on the promise of creating new computing experiences in a fascinating and complex intelligence age.

Co-founders: Bethany Bongiorno (CEO) and Imran Chaudhri (President)

With great innovation there must be phenomenal talent…

I am beyond elated to share that NEXT VENTŪRES has partnered with Terra on a mission to improve the technical infrastructure in which health, wellness, and fitness data is shared, connected and transported.

Terror Squad or shall we say “Terra Squad” 📈

At the outset, spending time with Terra’s founders, Kyriakos and Raouf, was valuable and represented a true…


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