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3 min readSep 8, 2021


The athlete confidently approaches the mark to start a jump sequence. He stands there, turns to face the crowd and fervently starts a synchronized clap to engage. The mighty clap and passionate cheers reverberate throughout the stadium.

This clap fires up the jumper for the attempt. When executed as trained, a personal best or even a world record is the outcome. Today, that jumper is Jordan Pascasio and he’s about to take off!

Join in with a rhythmic clap, and welcome our latest drafted investment athlete on the NEXT VENTŪRES team.

Our original intention was to hire an analyst who could help us execute within our core investment thesis, assist us in moving faster with diligence in a constantly evolving venture landscape, and most importantly, be instrumental in growing our firm.

We went to the market with a well-defined process and framework for identifying talent for this role. The demand to break into venture capital was unsurprisingly strong.

We were very fortunate to meet and interview many well-qualified and exceptional candidates, but Jordan far exceeded our expectations. Going through our interview process, we witnessed grit, intellect, stamina, and care. We are elated to have the opportunity to work with Jordan, and equally eager for entrepreneurs to work with him.

Jordan is qualified and will contribute immensely to NEXT VENTŪRES. We want to highlight a few things to show how he got here:

  • To start, it’s always great when you receive unsolicited support from entrepreneurs. Laura Del Beccaro, Co-Founder and CEO of Sora, a friend ours and consummate leader, dropped us a line.
  • We also received similar feedback from Tiffany Kelly, Founder and CEO of Curastory. She wrote Mel:

“There could not be a better hire for NV. We connected in a founder cohort last year. He’s thoughtful, and curious, and the time he’s spent on our business has made us better.” We look for team players first, and during our interview process it became clear that Jordan brings enthusiasm, integrity and selflessness to his teams and relationships.”

  • Jordan was the co-founder and CEO of TRNDS Sports, a betting intelligence platform that allowed users to self-source and share meaningful sports betting trends. He was able to gain the support of the Sportradar’s “Acceleradar” Program and was eventually acquired by Fansure in August 2020.
  • He spent six years in investment banking building a foundation that would support his career endeavors. While we didn’t require this experience, Jordan was able to build on top of the i-banking framework and embrace entrepreneurism in a way that impressed us.
  • Along the way, Jordan exuded humility and had a refreshing thoughtful approach to his work and interactions with the NEXT VENTŪRES team and advisory board. Not to mention, he totally knocked his interview assignment out of the park!

Jordan has put a tremendous amount of trust in NEXT VENTŪRES to support him in his career growth. It’s in our greatest hopes that we can provide the platform and resources for driven and intelligent talent to become extraordinary investment practitioners. What makes us great, is our team. Each of us has a very unique story and path into venture capital. Our team is an amalgamation of diversity, different perspectives, success, challenges and views.

We’re eager to get Jordan immersed. We have carved a lane for him to operate with autonomy and accountability. He will immediately start developing new investment ideas, crystalizing our thesis on consumer and enterprise, as well as helping us identify the next wave of innovation in sports. Jordan, has a unique ability that allows him to ideate, build, and iterate. This natural gift will support our investment process in extremely additive ways.

We are very proud to call Jordan our teammate. Keep the clap going, he deserves it.

Julian and the NEXT VENTŪRES team



Julian Eison

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