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Going towards a new meaning of “Home”

The concept of home is evolving and the new notion will focus on the ideas of Wellness, Safety & Productivity.

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

According to the analysis of thousands of data points, Nextatlas predicts this new meaning of home will be based on three concepts.

1. Home as Wellness Centres

DIY beauty gaining prominence as at-home wellness gains traction.
DIY skincare is a favorite among Millennials and Gen Zers
Zara D’Cotta Workshop
Interest in cosiness and comfort at home is so high it has broken its usual seasonal pattern.

2. Home as a Safe Territory

Hygiene — Popularity Timeline
Telemedicine — Popularity Timeline
Ro — The Patient Company

3. Home as a Productivity Space

HomeOffice — Popularity Timeline
Professionals are seeking for tricks and hacks of how to improve their productivity at home
Tide — Focus App

So, the question is…How is your brand going to respond?



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