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Mapping Platform for Enterprises

There is more to POIs than just lat/long coordinates — a guide for business to enable seamless rendezvous


Your Point of Interests (POIs) are more than just latitudes and longitudes.

For companies that rely heavily on maps and navigation — such as deliveries, ride hailing, ecommerce, and logistics, inaccurate or improperly configured maps can be a massive cash-drain.

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Welcome to part 2 of the Effective ETAs series! If you still want to understand why ETAs are such an integral part of an on-demand ride or delivery service, check out our previous article Effective ETAs 101:

Creating an ETA strategy can prove to be tricky, especially when you’re not well versed with the parameters one should keep an eye on while evaluating ETAs. Here’s a quick refresher from our last article on which metric we generally focus on:

When analyzing ETAs at NextBillion Maps, we focus on a key metric called ‘promise kept’ in addition to traditional statistical metrics…

A product manager’s guide

Photo by Christofer Tan on Unsplash

For on-demand rides and deliveries, ETAs are complicated.

Seasoned product managers will agree — when you’re dealing with small numbers, there’s nothing as easy as calculating delivery times — it is simply a matter of plugging in the popular ‘you-know-which’ mapping API.

However, as time goes by and operations scale, most teams find out that consumer solutions are just not a good fit for on-demand ride and delivery businesses. The nitty-gritty are simply too different to reconcile.

The bottom line is that one mapping solution doesn’t fit all — and since ETAs essentially drive your business, there’s too much at…

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