How to setup a Masternode with

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Nov 11, 2020 · 4 min read

Step 1: Register for an account on their website, click here

Step 2: Login with your account and verify your email. After that Add Balance to your account.

Click on ‘Your balance’ which you see in the upper-right corner. You can add balance to it with a cryptocurrency of your choice or pay with your creditcard. Make sure you have enough balance on your account pay the hosting of your masternode. The dedicated version will cost you around € 10 every month, while the cloud version is as cheap as € 3.50 per month.

Step 3: After you made the payment, click on Dashboard and Type ‘NEXT’ in the search bar. Click on the + account.

Step 4: Click on ‘Deploy a masternode’.

Step 5: Choose a plan. Choose the plan which suits. Dedicated or Cloud are both available.

Step 6: Make sure you check all Prerequisites

Step 7: Do a payment to yourself. Go to your ‘desktop app’. Click on the ‘Receive’-tab and make the amount of 25000 NEXT. Optional you can give it a label’, in the example like ‘My masternode’. Click on Request payment.

Step 8: Copy the Address, by clicking on the ‘Copy Address’ button.

Step 9: Click on ‘NEXT’ on the website. You will get the following instuctions:

Step 10: Go back to the ‘desktop app’ and click on the ‘Send’ tab. Put in the address which you created before. If you define a ‘label’ it will come automaticly when you put in the Pay To address. Click on the ‘Send’ button and sign the transaction.

Step 11: Go back to and follow the following instructions:

Step 12: Go to the ‘desktop app’ and click on the ‘Transaction’ tab. You will see a payment to yourself. Double click on that to get the Transaction ID.

Step 13: Put the transaction ID into the box in and click on Deploy.

Amazing! You did it. If everything goes well the new masternode is getting deployed. It will take up from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

To see the progress on, just click on the Portfolio tab. Don’t worry the status will be updated as soon as your masternode has enough confirmations on the blockchain.

Step 14: When you see ‘Start required’ your masternode is ready to start. How to do this? Click on Start Required.

Step 15: Click on Configuration

Step 16: Go back to your ‘desktop app’, Click on Tools and Open Masternode Configuration file. As described below.

Step 17: Copy and paste the content in the desktop app, save it and restart the desktop app. You will have now the full control about your masternode which is hosted on

Step 18: Click on the ‘Masternodes’ tab in the ‘Desktop App’. Wait till your desktop app is fully synced with the blockchain. And click on Start all.

Step 19: Confirm the start of your masternode.

Step 20: Congrats! You start your masternode. Let the mining of NEXT coins begins.

In your desktop APP

Thanks by become a valuable masternode holder!

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