NEXT.Exchange Progress Update #4.

Greetings readers.

Our development team has been quite busy in the background working on our exchange platform, fixing bugs, and evening out rough edges together with some of our ICO participants who took a proactive stance in helping our team develop a highly competitive cryptocurrency trading exchange.

We launched our BETA exchange on the 14th of February. Once all bugs are resolved, fixes deployed, and our ICO participants agree that the exchange can be made public — we will launch it.

Although, despite us needing some additional time, we are getting closer and closer with each day. So, expect the launch of our full-fledged platform within a reasonable amount of time.

Exchange insights.

As mentioned above, currently the platform is in its beta state. ETN was added to it on the 14th of February as we have announced previously. Trades have been executed already.

Currently — NEXT, ETN, BTC, ETH, EUR, USD have been integrated into the exchange.

Here are some snapshots of where we are headed in terms of designing the exchange.

You can also follow this link to see more.


Please keep in mind that there are still some cosmetic tunings that we will be making to the exchange UI.

Additionally, we have been receiving quite a few questions regarding KYC. At the moment users are not able to submit their identity verification paperwork as that feature is currently disabled on our site. Though, do not fear as it will be enabled prior to the exchange launching.

Users who wish to undertake fiat operations will be required to pass KYC regardless of the amount of funds that they will be working with.

Our PayPal withdrawal limits have also been increased. Yes, PayPal.

As a final note regarding the actual exchange platform. We expect ECA to be added somewhere between the 6th and 10th of March, as well as RUP. Though, we would like to give a solid date for the former as we have noticed some confusion amongst RUP community members.

NEXT Tokenmarket.

On the 1st of March, we plan to deploy our NEXT ERC20 Tokenmarket. This feature of our project will allow users to execute ERC20 trades directly on our site with the help of MetaMask.

At the moment, NEXT, ELYTE, TAU, PCL, HVN, LEND, PFR, KIN, ELIX, IXT, EQL, SNOV, DVN, VOISE, and EPL are available.
NEXT Tokenmarket
NEXT Tokenmarket

Passing KYC is not necessary in order to take advantage of the NEXT Tokenmarket as we do not actually handle any user funds in the trading process.

More ERC20 tokens will be added in the near future, they will also be added to the full-fledged exchange.

However, a minimum of 500 votes remains a requirement on our upvote page in order for a project to acquire ‘planned’ status.


We have been consistently receiving feedback pertaining to our actual landing page/ corporate website. As mentioned previously, we are designing a new corporate landing page and will be deploying that in the near future.

Sneak peak below.

User Queries and Issues.

Referral bonus tokens will be distributed to users on the 1st of March. Distribution will take some time and be handled in waves.

Yes, we have applied to CoinMarketCap. In order to get listed there, we must up our volume. Increased focus will be placed on achieving this goal.

User 2FA issues. A lot of users report that they are being prompted to enter a ‘token’ in order to log into their accounts at This ‘token’ relates to the Authy, the 2FA authentication that we use.

The 2FA is linked to your mobile number which you manually input in your member profile. 2FA cannot be enabled for your account without your consent.

Please check your text message inbox for pertinent Next.Exchange and Authy links. Also, you can download onto your mobile devices, and your token should appear within the application once you set it up.

Additionally, we will also be adding an option to remove 2FA via email in the future. Google Authenticator will also be added.

Our support services will also be expanded.