NEXT.Exchange progress update #1.

Hello everyone.

A little update as to what’s happening under the hood of our exchange and other news.

We now have over 2,000 users backing us. Our Airdrop was a success as well. We currently have over 3,000 users in our Telegram channel. Slack will be removed as we do not like it.

We have declared open support for ETN, RUP, ADA, VOISE.

ETN is expected to be listed on on the 14th of December, NEXT tokenholders will have access to it.

The Facebook sign up function has been fixed and now works totally fine.

We updated our Roadmap.

And are in the process of updating our Whitepaper and having it redesigned to make it more sensible.

Updated Roadmap.

Expect more movement on bitcointalk as well.

ICO ends on 11:59pm December 31st UTC+1.