NEXT Platform Update & Other News.

Hello everyone! So, there are some great things to announce and discuss. It’s best to start off with what every one of our community members has been waiting for.

NEXT Tokenholder Platform Access.

Primarily covered within our Telegram chat over the course of the last few weeks, we planned an update for today (June 24, 2018), that would essentially provide individuals in possession of 100 or more NEXT tokens with access to our trading platform.

To gain access, users need to make a deposit of 100 NEXT to their ETH address on the wallet page of our platform, here. Prior to doing so, we recommend that you clear your browser cache, and of course do not forget about keeping your account secure by enabling 2FA in the member area of your account.

Deposit a minimum of 100 NEXT to the address designated above in order to gain access.
NOTE: We see this update as a soft launch for our platform. Meaning that this is an opportunity for us to test the waters and our platform with a larger quantity of users in preparation for public launch! Therefore, we recommend users to not deposit more funds than they are comfortable with at the time being.
Should you experience any issues, please refer to the following form or join our Telegram Support Channel. You can also open a support request here.
If users encounter issues or need help, please fill out the following Bug Report Form.

**Know Your Client audits (handled by GBG ID3global) will start during the first week of July. The KYC process may take up to 3 days for users**

Basic Exchange Feature.

A minimized exchange interface will be added to the navigation bar. This minimized exchange interface lets users exchange various digital assets for BTC, ETH, NEXT, USD, and EUR without having to open the orderbook. Orders are automatically matched.

Collaborations, Agreements, Upcoming plans.

The NEXT asset will be tested by a Belgian payment terminal provider. If things go well, this will provide NEXT with access to all payment terminals in the Benelux area. Therefore, users may have the possibility of using NEXT cards to make payments with NEXT in Benelux states. Aside from this, we are in the process of acquiring an E-money license in Malta. Why Malta? Because the nation has shown to be very open to Blockchain startups and the crypto sphere. A Polish bank (name withheld) has also expressed interest towards us, we will attempt to build a positive relationship with this bank in the hopes of providing increased fiat liquidity for our users.

Additionally, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with an Insurance Company with a few million clients in Latin America as well as Asia. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a name at this point in time. However, the company will be using the NEXT Blockchain for digital insurance smart contracts.

For more information on our own Blockchain, refer to Progress Update #7.

Another MOU has also been drafted with Bitwage and InWage. These companies will aid NEXT in Blockchain project due diligence, legal documentation checks, analysis of financial materials, as well as other statistical data in regards to projects which can be a fitting match for listing on NEXT. Projects that are both, in their ICO stage or are already being actively traded on a secondary market.

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