Shared Masternodes are live!

Shagen Arzumanyan
Jan 16 · 3 min read

Dear community,

Prior to launching a NEXT masternode, we strongly invite you to read the following article, 10 Reasons to launch a NEXT Masternode and familiarize yourself with our Lightpaper.

A full masternode requires 25,000 NEXT as collateral. This is an amount that will not be changed. However, our community has expressed the desire to have a safe environment to be able to share nodes since the collateral is relatively high.

We have listened to our community, and here it is!

A portal where users in possession of 5,000 NEXT, can apply, and earn rewards for supporting our Blockchain!

How do shared masternodes work?

  • There will be a total of 5 masternodes, which leads to 25 shared masternodes spots (to start, this may increase) available for sharing.
  • Each masternode is split into 5 slots requiring 5,000 NEXT per slot.
  • Each account can reserve a maximum of 1 spot.
  • Shared masternodes are entitled to receive seniority bonuses.
  • More information on seniority bonuses may be found here (point 3).
  • Masternode rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis to Shared masternode participant accounts.
  • Rewards will become available and shown on our website.
  • Shared masternode participants can decide at the end of each month if they wish to continue reserving their slot.
  • Should a shared masternode participant chose to leave his reserved slot, the masternode will continue operating without impacting seniority rewards and a new user may fill the now vacant spot.

How do I reserve a Shared masternode slot? What do I need to do?

  • To reserve a Shared masternode spot, you must register an account on and have a minimum account balance of 5,000 NEXT coin.
  • Once you have registered an account, please navigate to:
  • You will be greeted with the following:
  • Click on the “Apply for a shared masternode button”
  • As we see I need at least 5,000 NEXT coin to apply for a shared masternode.
  • No problem! To deposit NEXT to your account, simply go to the wallet page and make a deposit to your Next (NEXTX) address. Our Blockchain is very fast, your NEXT should arrive in seconds.
  • Once your wallet is refreshed with NEXT, navigate back to the Shared Masternode page, click on the apply button, the following should appear:
  • The rest is quite simple.

Should you bump into issues, have questions or concerns, contact our support via the following link.

Don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Twitter and Telegram to stay up to date with our latest news!

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Shagen Arzumanyan

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Hybrid digital asset exchange | Own Blockchain | IEO Launchpad |

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