What to Expect in Version 1.1 of NEXT.exchange.

Dear readers! The last month and change have been quite eventful for everyone involved with NEXT.exchange, it marked the launch of the 1.0 Version of our trading platform, the listing of our token on CoinMarketCap (we are also working on getting the exchange added as well), the start of new asset additions such as DAPS, QNT, DFS, PYN, ECA, PAX, TUSD, sneak peaks of our Blockchain wallet and Blockexplorer which can be seen here, and the start of NEXT Masternode applications.

We’ve got a lot of great things lining up in our pipeline and a lot planned regarding the1.1 update of our trading platform. So, let’s dive into it then.

What can users expect in Version 1.1 ?

Escrow trading feature.

In the V1.1 update, we will deploy Escrow functionality. While traders are already able to successfully execute transactions directly between one another through their individual crypto wallets provided on our platform, these transactions may often experience hang time due to respective Blockchain transaction confirmation times. The purpose of Escrow will be to provide for instant transaction clearances. Traders will be able to easily transfer funds from their Main Balances to their Trade Balance with one click of a mouse button and zero fees applied. Traders can then place orders using the funds in their Trade Balance as they usually would. Transfers from the Trade Balance back to the Main Balance are instant and void of fees. Transactions executed through Escrow are accompanied with individual transaction records.

Escrow: Main Balance, Transfer feature, Trade Balance, In Order Balance, Withdrawable Balance.

Orderbook UI update.

Our exchange orderbook will be receiving a full graphical update, in addition to:

  • Tradingview chart implementation.
  • Market orders will become visible in the orderbook.
  • User orders will be paginated.
  • Fee field in “Sell/Buy” boxes.
  • Fields in “Sell/Buy” boxes will be automatically populated when an open order is clicked on in the orderbook.

Blockchain Testnet on-boarding.

During or around 1.1, we will deploy a separate site devoted solely to NEXT Chain as well as start on-boarding Testnet participants. More information regarding our Blockchain can be found here.

Here is the Testnet form for those who are interested in participating!

Mining Pool deployment.

Users will be able to join our mining pool using their SHA256 miners and mine both NEXT and BTC at the same time. Participating with a CPU miner will also be possible, but only for the first month. Below are some features that will be included in the NEXT Miningpool:

  • Live Dashboard.
  • PPLNS Payout Method.
  • Auto Payout.
  • Transaction List.
  • User-to-user invitation system.
  • Email notifications (IDLE Worker, New Blocks, Auto Payout, Manual Payout, Successful Login).

A separate post covering NEXT Miningpool fees as well as specific details will be posted at a later date. Information will also be provided on our website.

NEXT.exchange is a hybrid exchange platform based out of the Netherlands that aims to enhance the mass adoption and appeal of cryptocurrencies globally for both individuals and businesses.

The team behind NEXT.exchange has also created a unique Blockchain, NEXT.chain, and decentralized marketplace for Ethereum based tokens.

So, What’s next?