Why You are Still Early to Join the NEXT Ecosystem.

The development process never stops at NEXT. Our team is constantly working on deploying great products that can be taken advantage of by individuals and businesses alike. We’ve been hard at during crypto’s longest ever bear market, while remaining relatively unknown throughout it. Below is a lineup of what the NEXT Ecosystem has to offer our community and the Blockchain industry as a whole:

Hybrid Crypto Asset Exchange (NEXT.exchange)

Current status: Live.

NEXT.exchange is a hybrid exchange platform that provides traders with access to over 100 digital assets that are paired with NEXT, BTC, ETH, USD, and EUR (with more fiat pairings on our internal roadmap). An interesting aspect of our exchange is that we provide each user with his or her own individual Blockchain wallet. Meaning that there is no central wallet from which funds are drawn to fulfill the trading process between users. We plan on allowing traders to export their private keys as they wish in the near future.

NEXT.exchange homepage.

NEXT.exchange isn’t just focused on allowing users to trade Bitcoin against ETH and other ERC20 assets. Nope, we’ve integrated and are running numerous Blockchains simultaneously such as DASH, Syscoin, DigiByte, XEM, NEO, ECA, ColX, and a few others. Trades carried out on our platform are executed directly between user wallets. Additionally, the fact that we provide users with individual wallets alleviates us from having a central weakness point in our architecture. Effectively allowing us to avoid the mistakes made by centralized exchanges that lead to significant losses in terms of user funds, not to mention trust.

Own Blockchain (NEXT.chain)

Current status (Testnet)

We take great proud in the Blockchain architecture that we developed in-house for almost a year.

Our Blockchain features:

1) Masternodes (25,000 NEXT required as collateral).

2) PoW (SHA-256, BTC merge mining)/PoS Hybrid with Seniority rewards.

3) Instant Send.

4) Private Send.

5) Asset hosting.

6) Short addresses.

7) Z-Dag.

8) Governance and voting.

For more information on our Blockchain, click here.

Fully Decentralized ERC20 Tokenmarket

Current status: to be deployed in a matter of weeks.

Our Tokenmarket utilizes the MetaMask plugin in order to allow users to exchange ERC20 type assets for Ethereum without having to log in or register an account anywhere. Trades are executed on a wallet to wallet basis. Zero third party involvement. Our Tokenmarket provides for a great way to carry out over the counter ERC20 trades without leaving a large impact on the market.

Trade ERC20 assets like BAT (Basic Attention Token) without any restrictions.

NEXT.exchange is a hybrid exchange platform based out of the Netherlands that aims to enhance the mass adoption and appeal of cryptocurrencies globally for both individuals and businesses.

The team behind NEXT.exchange has also created a unique Blockchain, NEXT.chain, and decentralized marketplace for Ethereum based tokens.

So, What’s next?