What To Expect At Hustle Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

The Hustle Summit will go beyond talk. The team and I are excited to connect and inspire some of the island’s leading and young business professionals. Here’s what you can look forward to at the Hustle Summit.

Didn’t get tickets pre-sold? Registration will kick-off at 9AM and tickets will be on sale. (Express Check-In will be available for attendees with pre-sold tickets , Eventbrite QR codes or Gustazos proof of purchase.)

Student Pitches (Kicks off at 10:45am)
We are excited to host the local preliminaries of the Diamond Challenge Pitch Competition for High School Students. These aspiring entrepreneurs will be competing for the top spot in the international Diamond Challenge.

Keynotes (Kicks off at 12pm) 
Are you ready to be inspired ? Our keynote speakers are ready to rock your world and share their journey with you. From the story of a 23 year old doorman turned multi-millionaire ; to the journey of a Jamaican teen studying the most significant traits in millennials.

Panel Talks 
Hear the stories from some of Jamaica’s youngest and most driven young entrepreneurs. Our panel talks will zoom in on 3 important themes “Executing Ideas” , “Innovation In Modern Society” and “Perspectives of female Entrepreneurs”.

One of the most interesting part of the Hustle Summit will be our networking and coffee breaks. Providing the platform for young entrepreneurs to share their businesses idea and meet like-minded individuals. We are excited to create unique icebreakers to ensure attendees interact and exchange.

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