Experts in the cloud

If, in a learner-centered model, students created their own learning pathways to master competencies (which I would propose would be consistent across all students), who would assess their mastery of competencies? What if a large group of experts were available to these students to assess mastery? For example, a student is working on the mastery of writing hypotheses for scientific inquiry. When the student is ready to submit, they submit to a cloud-based system of expert scientists who are tagged with specific areas of focus. A few of these experts respond, provide feedback, and determine if mastery was demonstrated (based on pre-determined expectations for that competency and level of mastery). If not, the student and teacher coach review and create the next experience to support student learning around this competency. Additionally, a crowd-sourced system of student experts would also be available as a peer-to-peer network to help support growth. This model would help to overcome two major issues. First, every teacher would be a guide and coach rather than an expert. The expertise of the teacher-coach would be supporting student experience and coaching growth along student pathways. Second, every student could tap into the “best of the best” in the cloud around certain competencies, rather than experience the variability of teachers who are generalists.

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