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Best NPM package for nextjs base blogging
NPM package for nextjs

Best NPM packages list for next.js to build a fully-functional blog website.

Increase productivity in nextjs with npm packages.

I'm very confident with nextjs and blogging. In the past year, I've been more actively working with nextjs. So I create the most usable npm package list. Npm package list is small but valuable.

Every developer uses the npm package with nextjs. In this article, I mention some of the npm packages that help to boost your productivity in nextjs.

This article converts into two-part, so people easily understand my writing.

  1. Must use
  2. Depend upon you

Must use

Must use mean if you start a blog with nextjs. You install the must-use npm package with nextjs.

The content layer npm package help to organize your markdown content.

The Next-SEO package provides SEO support for your nextjs base blog website. Integration of next-seo comes with copy-paste code.

Next sitemap package help to create a sitemap for your Blog. You can create a sitemap for the static and server-side Blog very quickly.

Depend upon you

Depend upon section is the optional section. You can skip or choose one of the npm packages which you like.

Next auth help to create authentication for your nextjs base blog.

If you create a blog and think of lunch an app but do not have the resources to build a mobile app, you use next-pwa to help make a mobile app with pwa.

Nextjs session help to add session handling functionality in your nextjs web app.

Nextjs progress bar npm package helps provide progress bar functionality for your Blog.

Nextjs google analytics package help to add google analytics to your web app.

Nookies npm package help to add cookies in your nextjs app very easily.

The npm package list has not ended yet; the list has started to grow. In the future, I will add more Npm packages.

If you have any npm package that helps improve nextjs productivity, you can mention it in the comment section, and I added it to my article.

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