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Do nextjs support Raspberry pi 4?

The research and opinion-based article are only for Linux and Reactjs users.

Do nextjs support Raspberry pi 4

Next is a great framework, no doubt. Currently, I’m a Raspberry pi user. However, I love Linux and raspberry pi 4.

Recently, I have a question in my mind whether the new version of nextjs supports Raspberry Pi 4 or not?

The answer is yes; Nextjs supports raspberry pi 4 architecture. I try the new version of nextjs works fine in Raspberry pi 4. I never believed the new version of nextjs with SWC would achieve 10 times better performances in raspberry pi 4. It is a very big achievement for raspberry and Linux users.

I try to install the nextjs old version in raspberry pi 4. But unfortunately, the old version of nextjs is not installed on my raspberry pi 4. The reason is that some npm babel and webpack base packages binary do not support nextjs. So I try to install nextjs forcefully in raspberry pi 4. But I face three problems.

  1. In a fast problem, Nextjs install successfully but not working properly.
  2. In the second problem, I run many npm base commands, and my nextjs start is working with raspberry pi. But it works fine for a simple 1or 2 pages website. I added more than 10 pages. My raspberry pi all system crashed.
  3. The size of the node_module folder is so big. Moreover, installing all local dependencies takes too much time, and your card reading and writing speed are low.

All the testing is complete on nextjs 12.1. I build my static website with nextjs. The total number of articles is +90, 5 pages, and two additional packages installed in my nextjs project. My developer experience is so good compared to the old version of nextjs.

The nextjs team achieved a massive performance with swc. swc is rust base across platform support library built by the nextjs team to improve web development speed and performance. Without The swc library, it is impossible to achieve a massive performance and stability in nextjs.

I also install react.js with a global and normal installation. Unfortunately, it is not working in raspberry pi 4. Another hand, nextjs work very fine.


Install the additional package on top of the project. The speed and stability of development are decreased in Raspberry pi 4.


Reactjs support Raspberry pi 4?

You can install reactjs forcefully. But development experience and performance are so bad.

I build an entire website with nextjs and Raspberry pi?

According to my experience, you can build a large static site base website in nextjs very easily. However, for dynamic data with many npm packages, you feel performance issues sometimes hang your browser or IDE.

Which type of performance issue face

You can face related to browser and IDE. Sometimes hang or stack your IDE, browser, mouse curse, and raspberry pi. You face less than one second of hanging in your raspberry pi on a static site. But make sure your raspberry is new and temperate is less than 40 to 50 degrees. But the worst case you are facing is less than 30-second to +1 minute hung up with raspberry pi 4.

Which Browser do I use for testing?

I use the chromium-browser to test the nextjs website.

What is behind the motto of the article?

My motto is very simple to share feelings and, second, motivates to learn web development without a computer.

Which raspberry pi 4 models should I use?

I use a Raspberry pi 4 8GB ram model to build a static website with a 32 GB Samsung memory card.


Web development is easier compared to past technology. Nextjs or similar frameworks come with more easiness.

In 2020 the hardware didn't matter which laptop you should use or what GPU and Ram. It's all gone. One thing is a matter that is your learning capacity. How much do you learn, and how much do you face the problem and solve it.


I do not share any scientific proof. But you can feel and trust my word because I do not find ways or test nextjs base on the different operating systems. In my personal experience, some package binary improves speed on Linux and some on Windows and mac os. So it depends upon you and your machine what package you should use in your project.

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