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How to create a Static site public folder in Next.js?

Best practice with a public folder in nextjs

The Next.js provide inbuild static public folder support and serve all the statics site images, CSS, Google Site Verification, robots.txt, favicon.ico, etc., in the nextjs app.

You create a public folder in the next.js root level. With the public folder, you access everything in production or built time.

Nextjs folder structure
Nextjs folder structure

Demo and play

You can play with code on codesandbox

Nextjs folder structure with public folder
Nextjs folder structure

What do you add to the public folder?

It depends upon you what you add to the public folder. for example, you add a favicon and fonts file in the public folder.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/Inter-ExtraLight.ttf" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="/global.css" />

I recommended adding Favicon in the public folder. In my opinion, you can add fonts in the public and assets folder both working fine in nextjs.

How to access files in the public folder?

You can access the file used /in the public folder. You do not need to import files into the public folder.

<Image src="/lake.png" alt="test public folder image" width="500"   height="200" />

Add CSS, SVG, Javascript and images File In The Public folder.

You do not add a CSS file in the public folder. Because nextjs use CSS module (style.module.css ) to add CSS for the component.

import "../public/style.module.css" // it not working

You can only add a global CSS file in nextjs.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/global.css" />

You can also import the font files into CSS files.

@import url("Inter-ExtraLight.ttf");


  • Create a public folder at the root level.
  • You can add a verification HTML file inside the public folder.


  • Do not use another name in publics, Public , etc
  • You do not use ./like.png to access the file.
  • All the files you add to the public folder access after the built or production level.
  • You do not need to import files in the public folder.
  • Do not create a file with the same name in your public folder or the entire app.
Same file name Error in nextjs
When the file is the same in the public and root levels, you face the same file name error in nextjs.


In my experience, the public folder is only helpful for domain verification and other use based on requirements.

I hope my article solve your problem and give feed for improvement.

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